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Morning Heralding Solar Powered Musical Robot Sunflower

Senses the morning sun, turns towards it and uses its built in solar panel to play the linked tune.
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A slight twist on 8ths thing that blows up. Might want to get both.

doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2019

Musical morning sensing sunflower. https://www.youtube...watch?v=_RM7cQCC4sU
Could do a different song every morning I suppose. [doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2019]

Inspired by: Solar_20powered_20p...oud_20bang_20device
[doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2019]


       So, more or less everything a cockerel is..   

       But with less chicken shit, more petals & a different tune?
Skewed, Apr 03 2019

       Pretty much.
doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2019

       //8ths thing that blows up// is not very specific
lurch, Apr 03 2019


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