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Mobile Stonehenge

Self-contained Robotic Structures
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Ok, So I've been semi-obsessed with simple "BEAM" style robotics and rocks and the combination of the two for years. My BFA thesis exhibit included a large fake rock made of plaster mounted on a mobile welded steel frame driven by a pair of scavenged power wheels type toy car motors and controlled by a simple photo-tropic solar circuit. The motors themselves drew far too much power to run off solar panels I could afford, so there was a battery in the circuit that had to be recharged from a wall outlet... It was great to watch people jump when it would start moving around the gallery and then stop again.

I propose to take this to the next level and build a complete, full-size replica of Stonehenge. Each "rock" unit would be driven by elecrtic motors powered by solar panels hidden in the tops. they would utilize simple obstacle-avoiding photo-tropic control systems and be completely autonomous.

The scupture would be contained with a low fence, encompasing perhaps 1-2 acres that could be easily travered by people, but of a height that triggeres the obstacle avoidance sensors of the stones themselves. The stones will move slowly, but without any direction asside from photo-tropism and obstacle avoidance. The sculpture will be allowed to evolve for quite some time and never re-set.

Perhaps an advanced version could include telescopes with photo-sensors in them to track stars or the moon using power stored in batteries.

All I need is a huge grant and about a year. I'll spare you all the complete (and BS loaded) artist's statement.

EDIT: 5/8/05

Just for edification purposes my developing artist's statement vaugely involves a de-construction of history and science and re-apropriation of magic. I know there's a lot more "flesh" thats needed on these bones, but it'll mostly be BS to appeal to critics and historians.

Jawzx, May 07 2005

An extension in a different direction Lawnmower_20Painting
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       There is no reason not to incorporate lawnmowers undreneath. Also, you could definitely fit solar panels on top of these.
bungston, May 07 2005

       [bungston] Genious! see link to my latest idea!
Jawzx, May 07 2005

       Chesshenge just got a bit more realistic.   

       From the title, I had a vision of a "Mobile Stonehenge" being a sort of local government service in much the same way as a mobile library or a mobile doctor's surgery is provided, particularly in rural areas of the UK. With this, home-loving tourists and lazy druids would be more than adequately provided for.
hippo, May 08 2005

       [2fries] - thought you said "cheesehenge", which would also be a good idea.
wagster, May 08 2005

       mmmmm, cheesehenge...   

       God I love cheese!
Jawzx, May 09 2005

       ...or a mini Stonehenge made from old mobile phones.
hippo, May 09 2005

       There was an old horror movie I saw once as a kid about big Stonehenge type rocks that rolled around the country side and sucked the life out of people. I have no idea what it was called but this reminded me of it.
jhomrighaus, Jan 13 2008


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