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Morphing heads

Without software or time lapse
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Flicking through a large set of company portraits, I was surprised with the differences in the shapes of heads and spacings of various features.

These portraits could be arranged in sequences; closely spaced eyes gradually changing to widely spaced eyes; short hair to long hair; low hair line to high hair line (bald?), and so on. With the same set of a few hundred photos, I think a reasonably long and amusing video could be made of company employees.

The same faces could be used several times, for different reasons.

I've never seen it done this way before, and I'm not talking about getting two faces and using software to morph between them.

Ling, Nov 15 2007


       print them on to separate pieces of paper and you've got yourself a flick book.
po, Nov 15 2007

       //what is the likelihood that you will find the next person in the sequence// you just need a very focussed recruitment policy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2007

       Heh. "Don't hire him; his face doesn't fit".
Ling, Nov 16 2007

       This is a great idea. I would definitely use software to find the order of the images. You could animate 1) the eyes moving apart, 2) the mouth getting wider 3) the hair receeding... and so on. However all the other features would flash around randomly. Great idea though! flick book? computer....
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 09 2010


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