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Mortal Houses

Like Mortal Engines, but on a smaller scale
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I was inspired by the Office Block Chess idea into producing this. It is, essentially, Mortal Engines on a smaller scale. Think of, instead of cities, housing blocks, which would wander around and try to capture each other. Whenever one captures another, it would become larger. To ensure survival, some might adopt the tactic of building daughter houses, and sending them on their way.

*shrugs* It's a way of spicing up dormitory towns, which are quite boring at the moment. I imagine it would evolve into a steady state, where the rate of house creation equals the rate that they're being absorbed.

Later, some might want to split off on their own, starting the Traction revolution and ending the reign of the Mossies. That would, of course, be the goal.

Selky, Jan 10 2010

Wiki - Traction Cities http://en.wikipedia...iki/Traction_Cities
[Selky, Jan 10 2010]




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