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Paranoid Reification

The system you thought exists materializes.
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Someone inside the infrastructure hears you're easily aggitated and decides to test that as a hypothesis, it is affirmed in the locking door authority machine system.
rcarty, Nov 20 2013

TSA detention pods http://www.infowars...ort-terminal-exits/
Not sure if [rcarty] knows that this is what he's talking about. It may have been invented because he worried about it. [lurch, Nov 21 2013]


       Work getting to you again ? Might be time for a vacation. Oh, and surely you can find a better category than [other: general]. As they used to tell me in the photo darkroom, "Finish your prints" !
normzone, Nov 20 2013

       This is about the scifi universe where doors open automatically for you based on some sort of sociometric calculation, but remain closed if you are observed to be acting on your own impulses.
rcarty, Nov 20 2013

       Are you sure it's not about cruising social media at 3 am and experiencing the unsettling sensation that you're chasing your own electronic tail?
Alterother, Nov 20 2013

       Sociometrics is the most important evaluative procedure in the entire university, and it's not necessarily science but may have sufficient "scientific" verifiers.   

       Sociometrics is the most important 'science' there is, it's also inherently positivist, because it dirrectly influences the subject through interrelation.   

       You do sociometrics when evaluating others and the groups they belong to based on values and principles you hold, habits etc.
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       To explain the joke, reification in this sense is to make an idea real, solid, concrete. The paranoia is of a system of persecution, the concreta is the machine and operators. I like to close my eyes an imagine the social as a huge machine operated by doors.
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       The 'bakery does tend to attract word salad. I try to stick to stir-fries myself.
normzone, Nov 21 2013

       So what if it's word salad, are you an expert on what a thought looks like? You're performing sociometrics based on that pamphlet and looking at something in a medicalized way which turns you into a procedure following robot. Schizophrenia doesn't have to be looked at in a medicalized way, that perspective does not help people, it just results in a social formation where you have the pretense of understanding what the schizophrenic means, in a medicalized sense, but you're not really in touch with reality yourslef you're just participating in a system of social controls. Well, nazi pamphleteers won some ground on you herd with their DSM signology, but you don't have to use medicl procedures and terms with a schizophrenic, unless you want to follw a close series of procedures like a robot. Everyone knew what a schizophrenic was before the DSM, it's just a nazi institution of objectively identifying a "social deviant" and putting the human cog and gears in motion based on some legal-medico objective rationality. So are you going to be a nazi functionary and put on some label like word salad on something, or are you going to acknowledge you're not completely tuned in like a perfect radio to reality, and history and nazis.
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       '68 in France was likely around the time in terms of demography that the generation from rapist nazis and the indigenous french clashed at an institutional level.
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       No, it wasn't.
pertinax, Nov 21 2013

       What was the reresistance then? Canada loves their French. Maybe take some more tours of duty in occupied France.   

       ~68-50=free will revolution, post war existentialism revollution
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       At least with [beanie's] postings, I could tell that he was usually talking about some kind of biochemical sophistry.
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2013

       You're the grand narrator that contextualizes anythiing but I control the subtext of my own work.   

       The author is dead when someone master narrates the meaning without consideration to the important subtext.
rcarty, Nov 21 2013

       Not dead, merely asleep.
pocmloc, Nov 21 2013


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