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Moses Shoes

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These are shoes with replaceable compressed air canisters. They allow the wearer to part the waters of puddles making a less soggy path to walk in. each shoe has bidirectional nozzles up and down each side and at the front and back.
vfrackis, Mar 31 2015


       Have nozzles in your staff as well. Plant the staff in the water to part it in front of you, then move forward and the shoes keep the path open...
scad mientist, Mar 31 2015


       sandals ?
popbottle, Apr 02 2015

       One more miracle we don't need God to perform. [+]
21 Quest, Apr 02 2015

       heh [+]
xandram, Apr 02 2015

       Love and want. Yay
blissmiss, Apr 02 2015

       Parting of hb to make way for a great idea. [+] (my compliments are hard to win)
xenzag, Apr 02 2015

       //Have nozzles in your staff as well. // Blimey - and people tell me that I treat _my_ people badly!
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2015


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