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Most American Award

This years winner is Sarah Smith...
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who gets the award for most representing an average American being 50% white, 25% hispanic, 13% black and 8% asian. Here's your diversity award Sarah, you're this years "Most American American".

Contentants would submit their DNA profile, the one that most closely matches the demographic of the US wins a trophy and other prizes donated from companies that want to show their support of diversity. I would imagine lots of companies would want to get on board and the prizes might add up to some good stuff, maybe even cash.

Could obviously do this for any country that has a lot of different ethnic groups that intermarry. Might have a kind of "let's all get along" underlying message.

doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2021

Alternative naming theory https://en.wikipedi...iki/Richard_Amerike
[bs0u0155, Dec 22 2021]


       LOL, I knew somebody would read "American" and auto bone. Santa knows who you are.   

       Read the rest of the idea.
doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2021

       Thank you a1, I was going to just make it generic for any country but looked at England for instance it the breakdown of the population is 80 per cent of the population were white British. Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, other) 'groups' made up 6.8 per cent of the population; black groups 3.4 per cent; Chinese groups 0.7 cent,Arab groups 0.4 per cent and other groups 0.6 per cent. So you'd have a white person who was 7% Indian for instance, so basically a white person. Nothing wrong with that, but not really much point.
doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2021

       Ought to start a petition to change 'Merica to 'Merita.   

       Someone must have canceled Vespucci by now.
theircompetitor, Dec 22 2021

       Never understood how that guy got a country named after him.   

       I'm announcing a new continent, "Remulon" named after me because I "discovered" it.   

       Bifurcate Greenland with a line drawn down through Canada, the US, Central and South America. Remulon is everything west of that line. Everything east isn't named because that would be silly.
doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2021

       I believe the continent was named after the man, and the country was named after the continent.
pocmloc, Dec 22 2021

       Didn't they consider "Columbia" at one point?   

       Here's a list I found:   

       United States
Columbia, poetic name for America.
Freedonia, name briefly used by some people after the revolution.
Appalachia, proposed name by Washington Irving.
Gringolandia, name used by some Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.
United States Of North America, briefly used in revolutionary war.
Usonia, Usona, a term based on the above, proposed by James Duff Law. Usono, the name for the United States in Esperanto.
Hesperia ("Land of Evening/Sunset"), as one of the countries the Romans located beyond the Ocean.
New England
Republic of America, briefly used in the revolutionary war
Amerika, germanized named for America
United Colonies of America, briefly used in the revolutionary war
doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2021

       In a way we are surprisingly un-diverse. The point in history where anyone who has any descendants alive today is an ancestor of *everyone* alive today is very recent - about 1000 years for just Europe, and about 5000 years for the whole world
hippo, Dec 22 2021

       I think all that picking apart of heritage is just crap. All of it happens from some sort of randomness. My Dad who was a first generation American from Slovakian descent who met my Mom who was first generation American of Italian descent while they were young workers at General Electric plant. They had 2 children. So I can’t ever win that prize…hah.   

       Besides I have never identified with being American whatever that means. Both sides of my cultural heritage kept all their culture in the way of food ,holidays, speaking etc.
xandram, Dec 22 2021

       //Both sides of my cultural heritage kept all their culture in the way of food ,holidays, speaking etc.//   

       Amazing the variation in cultural preservation. Take the "Italians" of south Philadelphia. Ask them and they're very proudly "Italian". Except none of them speak Italian, most pronounce their own names wrong, they recognize about 4 types of cheese and pasta goes with "Red sauce" or "Gravy". At least they've retained the style and culture... oh, no. Several levels of organized crime are alive and well, however.
bs0u0155, Dec 22 2021

       //Might have a kind of "let's all get along" underlying message.//[-]
Voice, Dec 22 2021

       Well [bs0… I am not of a Philadelphia Italian, and while all regions of that country have many varying words, foods, traditions, this is still a derogatory remark about the mafia. mostly that’s all that small minded people can think about Italians. I’m only defending half of my heritage here.
xandram, Dec 22 2021

       Does Sarah Smith speak with a Rockford Illinois accent?
RayfordSteele, Dec 22 2021

       //let's all get along//   

       It's the time of year for it. I shall dispatch a small carol-singing drone to sing all the verses of Stille Nacht and O Tannenbaum outside the air vents of [Voice]'s bunker until he relents.
pertinax, Dec 23 2021

       I have carol-resistant earmuffs. Carol is not happy.
Voice, Dec 23 2021

       I read a thing once about trying to do this (with housewives or something, maybe WW2?). They found the more "average qualities" you try to pile up, the less likely you are to find someone that has all of them. I forget if there was an "optimal maximum" of average qualities, above which you won't find anyone; I would suspect it's only 3 or 4.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 23 2021

       In my mind's eye I see three or four WW2 housewives, of average qualifies, neatly piled up. They look furious.
pertinax, Dec 23 2021


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