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Nano bugs

miniature war machines....with genetics!
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This product would come in little tubs packed with 10 nano bugs, 5 nano fighters and a nano hive ship. The nano bugs are about 2cm, the nano fighters are about 5cm and the hive ship is about 15cm. The idea is that these are all insectoids with robotic elements inside. Genetically engineered for battle. Each bug you buy comes taylored to your dna. You send in a swab to their lab once, they can clone it and implant into your bugs you you are there commander. The bugs battle each other. So you may battle your friends bugs. other packs are availble, like 20 fighter pack, 50 bugs pack or 3 hive packs. this is what each on does-

nano bug- These are basically the foot soldiers of the attack, least powerful but what they lack in strength they make up in numbers.

fighter bug- these are the tanks of the invasion. They are more powerful than the bugs but what they make up in strength they lack in numbers.

hive ship- These are the ultimate attack vehicle, it brings power to the ships, carries them to their destination and with a 50 watt fly burning laser it is sure to kill off some enemies.

ostrich160, Dec 22 2010

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Voice, Dec 22 2010


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