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Motorcycle Environmental Suit

Technically, for mopeds too.
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Cars are just terrible for the environment, and road congestion. Motorcycles are a much more efficient way of moving one person from place to place, but there are many reasons why people choose cars instead. One of them is the comfort of a car - who wants to ride a motorcycle in the rain? Or when it's cold? Or when it's hot?

Maybe more people would get a two wheeled vehicle if they could buy, at reasonable cost, a garment which would offer the same environmental comfort as a car. Heated, cooled, waterproof, with premium Bose speakers in the helmet? Like a space suit but for motorcycles. You could even throw in some foam and kevlar for added safety. The whole thing could be worn over regular clothes then packed up and left with the bike when parked.

DIYMatt, Nov 04 2010

Motorcyle Air Conditioner http://entrosys.com/
If your motorcycle doesn't have enough horsepower to run this... [DIYMatt, Nov 09 2010]


8th of 7, Nov 04 2010

       [+] but where's the cup holder?
xandram, Nov 04 2010

       Isn't this called a SMART Car?
infidel, Nov 04 2010

       No, Smart cars offer a lower level of comfort and protection.
8th of 7, Nov 05 2010

       FACT: air conditioning is optional on "Smart" cars.
DIYMatt, Nov 05 2010

       I see them as airconditioned motoring clothing, with wheels.
infidel, Nov 05 2010

       Too hot? Sweat.
Too cold? Wear a heated suit.
Raining? Get wet.
Want to listen to Bose®-quality tunes? Buy Bose® headphones.
If these tawdry inconveniences keep you from riding, buy a car. Period. [-]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 07 2010

       // I see them as airconditioned motoring clothing, with wheels. //   

       We see them as the roadgoing equivalent of clay pidgeons ...
8th of 7, Nov 07 2010

       Do you mean pigeons? I think that shooting clay pigeons is a waste of perfectly good clay.
infidel, Nov 08 2010

       This is an old idea and this post has added no new ideas or a path to a solution. I wore a heated suit + gloves on a motorcycle to commute to Syracuse in winter in 1985 and I think it was old then. As for AC, where is there space on a bike for an AC system? 5-10 HP to run the system is nothing on a large car, annoying on a small car but would be BRUTAL on a motorcycle. I guess you could do the cool suit and cooler system like in NASCAR. If you want to stay dry in ANY weather, wear a drysuit.   

       Accept this fishbone till you come back with some meat for the idea. (-)
MisterQED, Nov 08 2010

       I ride with waterproofs and appropriate clothing. Speakers in the helmet are a bad idea, as is anything else which detracts from the riders perception of the world in general.   

       Bone [-].
Twizz, Nov 08 2010

       // 5-10 HP to run the system // [MisterQED]   

       But would you even need that much? Consider, the car AC has to cool the volume of air inside a car, whereas this has only to cool the volume of air between the suit skin and the wearer - a couple of litres, say.   

       This doesn't strike me as an inherently bad idea at all, as long as the suit costs less than a small car.   

       // cool suit and cooler system like in NASCAR. //   

       Does that use water circulating through lines in the suit?
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 09 2010

       //Consider, the car AC has to cool the volume of air inside a car, whereas this has only to cool the volume of air between the suit skin and the wearer - a couple of litres, say.//   

       That was exactly my reason for posting this idea. Normally to have all the comforts of a car requires a lot of energy because it is so inefficient to cool a large volume of air and move a large mass of metal just to keep someone dry. Even "Smart" cars suffer from this.   

       Now, if there are any doubters, see the link for a possible cooling source.
DIYMatt, Nov 09 2010

       [DIYMatt], per your link, you are right this is baked. My guess is it still pulls down a ton of juice or does very little, though I guess just having the air moving would be nice. I think you'd do better with an air scoop and an arrangement to keep the rain out. My bet is if you put this on anything but a full dresser, then you'd overtax your electrical system.   

       The problem with heating or cooling is not the air mass, it is convection and to a lesser extent the thermal mass of the stuff in the vehicle. The air is not the tough thing to cool, it is doing it as the environment works against you. Any realistic suit is going to have lots of surface exposed to the wind and sun. You could insulate it but then you'd look like the Michelin Man.
MisterQED, Nov 09 2010

       // lots of surface exposed to the wind and sun // More than a ~car~?? No.   

       // see the link // Nice, but I would definitely want the matching undershorts.
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 12 2010

       // // lots of surface exposed to the wind and sun // More than a ~car~?? No. //   

       In relative terms, yes. Surface area increases with the square of size, whereas volume increases cubically. So for objects of similar proportions, the smaller one has significantly more surface area exposed relative to the amount of air. The problem is made even worse when you take into account the arms and legs of the suit, which increase surface area without any increase in air volume. Subtract the volume of the rider, and you're dealing with an enormous surface area for a tiny amount of air. And considering that the air is exposed to a heat source not only from the environment, but also the rider, it's going to be next to impossible to keep the air any cooler than body temperature, let alone ambient temperature.   

       Regardless, I don't think the comfort factor is what stops most people from riding. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous and requires more skill, attention, and even physical effort than driving a car. I ride ATGATT (all the gear all the time) and to be honest, figuring out what to do with all that stuff once you get to your destination can be a hassle--not to mention that you need a second set of gear to carry a passenger. And even on touring bikes, cargo capacity is laughable compared to a subcompact.   

       Anyway, a lot of these comfort features are already available either as an aftermarket accessory such as heated clothing and music capable intercom systems, or incorporated into the largest tourers like the Honda Goldwing (affectionately known as a "rolling couch") or the BMW K1200LT (the "LT" stands for "light truck"). Afraid I'm gonna have to give this a [-].
ytk, Nov 12 2010


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