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Motorcycle pantaloons

billowy air filled pants, and shirt for safety
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The clothes of course will be shaped so the billowy parts are only towards the external, so they don't hinder your driving experience.
pashute, Jul 13 2006

Somo cloths http://www.gizmag.co.uk/go/4127
A bit less bulky for the motorcycle. - Hey this is hb no? [pashute, Jul 13 2006]

Michelin Man http://www.goodlogo.com/cases/michelin/
puffy enough? [MoreCowbell, Jul 13 2006]

Airbag jacket http://www.webbikew...e-airbag-jacket.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 13 2006]

Airbag jacket trial video http://www.youtube....QQw&feature=channel
Prototype This program. and it WORKS! [pashute, Mar 11 2010]


       This would create air resistance, which would decrease the fuel mileage.   

       Why not just make an air-bag suit with a pull switch connected from the suit to the motorcycle?
BJS, Jul 13 2006

       I like BJS's modification here - but it should be automatic - sensing er...somehow that you are about to hit the concrete / another vehicle.... (Hadn't thought this through....)
monojohnny, Jul 13 2006

       No, that's a great idea. A rip cord plugged into the bike which inflates the suit when wrenched out by the biker falling off. Just don't leave the bike running and hop off quickly to run into a shop or anything. Poof!
squeak, Jul 13 2006

       You beat me to it, [squeak]. That ought to work. Anyone know how many accidents occur while the rider is still on the bike? Maybe it could be triggered by excessive deceleration if the rip cord's not pulled.
david_scothern, Jul 13 2006

       How about feather pillows secured with duct tape?
xandram, Jul 13 2006

       This system should use helium, so that the motorcyclist will safely float up into the air, away from any collision danger. Perhaps integrate a grappling hook into the suit to latch on to overhead power lines.
jmvw, Jul 13 2006

       [phlish]It's not inflated all the time. Worried about the uncool factor, huh? If you're only cool with your leathers on, you're not really cool at all now, are ya? ;P
squeak, Jul 14 2006

       I really think that [jmvw] has a great idea! I am always sure to leave a lot of space between my car and a bike because if something ever happened, I wouldn't want to be squishing someone who might be lying in the road.
xandram, Jul 14 2006


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