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Motorcycle warmth

heat rider's blood by circulating around engine
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Motorcycling in cold countries is a pain. One could have a detchable catheter from, say, a leg taking the blood to a heat exchanger around the engine, thus heating it up, it then gets returned to the other leg and back to the rider's circulation. Say goodbye to frozen body misery.

You'd have to be on heparin or warfarin or aspirin - but that's a small price to pay.

mkirksmith, Dec 11 2001

Heated Motorcycle Clothing http://www.halfbake...0Patches#1004364409
Been there before [Mayfly, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       . . . and say hello to bleeding to death no matter how minor the accident.
bristolz, Dec 11 2001

       The bleeding-to-death problem can be solved using those disconnect valves they use on hoses carrying flammable fluids --- it's a pull-apart coupling that closes a valve when you pull.   

       But, to reduce the risk of bleeding, infection, clotting, etc., maybe it would be easier to implant a heat-exchanger in yourself, and circulate some other fluid through the (implanted) heat exchanger and then through the (motorcycle) heat exchanger? The implanted exchanger could transfer the heat to/from your blood.   

       This idea would also be handy for refrigeration on cold days ... cool your blood directly by plugging it into the a/c! eliminate electric blankets!
wiml, Dec 12 2001

       Don't forget to hook up the exhaust to the rider's respiratory system so he or she can belch smoke and fire while careening down the highway.
PotatoStew, Dec 12 2001

       Slight aside... You can buy BMWs in Europe that comes complete with a covered ROOF. The sides are still open, but as least you aren't directly in the wind.
kschang, Jan 20 2002

       If rider health and life-longivity can be sacrificed (literally) for rider comfort, why not simply use a microwave transmitter to heat the rider's body and blood for the duration of the driver. Extra paperwork would be needed for this product to expedite transfer of ownership to the next of kin, as true with all "use-once" products whose useful life outlive the owner.
Prof Manitou, Apr 21 2003

k_sra, Apr 21 2003

       Heated gloves and socks have been around since WW2, put them together with a Thinsulate-insulated snowmobile suit and you're toasty-warm well into subzero weather. Wearing a wool cap under your helmet would help even more.
whlanteigne, Sep 26 2005


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