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Big fan.
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Fanboats are swell. Instead of an outboard motor they have a giant fan in the back which blows backwards and propels them forwards. They are useful in locales with shallow water, weeds, manatees and other things which can catch on boat bits that hang down into the water.

I propose that this fan method of propulsion be adapted for the motorcycle. The fan would sit behind the rider, and push everything forward. The rider would steer as usual.

The fan would allow maneuvers not possible with a standard motorcycle. There would be a lever for the fan to point it downwards and increase hang time after jumps. There would be a switch turning the rotors to reverse direction of air movement to rapidly stop the motorcycle. Currently, popping up on the front wheel slows the motorcycle because propulsion is via the rear wheel. However with the fan, popping up on the front and turning the fan 90 degrees would allow one to spin in place, thus changing directions very rapidly.

bungston, May 13 2009

It sounds cool, but I'm expecting something like this http://www.metacafe...with_helmet_camera/
[normzone, May 13 2009]


       I picture the most immediate application of this in the context of monster truck shows / BMX rallies. Plus it seems like time for a resurgence of the Evel Kneivel-type stuntman, and he could ride one of these.
bungston, May 13 2009

       Well, performance bikes have come so far that [EK] would have a ball, gods rest his soul.   

       I think that this would be an appropriate Everglades application.
normzone, May 13 2009

       Replace the fan with two jet engines, mounted on either side of the rider's shins with thrust reversers. I still recommend wheel brakes, though :)   

       And afterburners?
DIYMatt, May 14 2009


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