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Musical Bicycle

Tootle As You Pedal
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By modifying the pedal arrangement of a bicycle, air is pumped through the hollow frame, exiting through the end of the handlebars.

Holes are created where the hands are normally placed allowing the cyclist/musician to play tunes as he/she travels (notes created as per a recorder, for example). Whole orchestras could be assembled using modified exercise bikes.

Scotty, Mar 09 2001

(?) Steve Roberts' "Almost Been There, Done That" http://www.microshi...116.html#flute-like
Forget about holes in the handlebars and, indeed, about pumping air through the frame to begin with. A much better solution has once been proposed, but never implemented, by Steve Roberts, him of the BEHEMOTH, and now Microship "fame". [ianf, Mar 09 2001]


       Who'd play the violins?   

       Or are you just talking about the wind section of an orchestra?
cjlove, Mar 09 2001

       The orchestra is probably a duff (hmmmm.....Duff!) idea - but a variation on a brass band could be created instead.   

       Another thought occurs - marching bands could become cycling bands.
Scotty, Mar 09 2001

       Is a bicycle a solo and a tandem a duet?
flipped, Mar 23 2001

       They could work for Buy-A-Band!
nick_n_uit, Mar 24 2001


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