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Mount Eversatz

Build Mount Everest and climb it
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This full-size steel and plastic duplicate version of Mount Everest would hopefully take some of the pressure off the environment of the real thing. Interior elevators would allow access for emergency evacuations and tourism bux. People could climb the outside for the full difficulty of the real thing. Pay-to-win option available (everything from carrying your supplies for you to letting you ride to the top, climb out, and pretend), but the company won't lie for you and say you made it on your own.

The inside can contain a themed amusement park with rock climbing, roller coasters, rock candy, and all the other fun stuff. Zorb to the bottom, only $399.99!

Voice, Jun 18 2022


       Might want to put it someplace where the weather on the other side doesn't really matter.
RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2022

       Yes if you made it only the top section, it would be easier to get planning permission, and more convenient for car parking and souvenir shops.
pocmloc, Jun 19 2022

       From what I've read (living in the country of the 1st guy to reach the summit...) the hardest part of climbing Chomolangma is the altitude (& associated weather etc). Plenty of other (lower, obvs...) mountains are more technically difficult. Case in point: New Zealand's highest, Aoraki/Mt Cook, is one, which is why many of those training for Chomolangma came to NZ to practice.
So, a "fake Mt Everest" would be nice, but there are better options.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 19 2022

       If we just widened the bottom a bit, and upped the top part a bit, could we not support a Space-Elevator?   

       Y'know, for just a bit of extra revenue.   

       //living in the country of the 1st guy to reach the summit//   

       Possibly, neither him or Norgay ever replied to who was the 1st to step on the summit. It doesn't matter anyway, Mallory & Irvine made it. Best evidence being, if you turn back, you live, and they didn't.   

       //Plenty of other (lower, obvs...) mountains are more technically difficult.//   

       Well, there's more challenging climbing on the church tower where Mallory grew up, 5 miles from where I grew up. There's a LOT more challenging climbing all over Britain, europe etc. But switching around between glacier work, rock work & ice work, all while being messed up by hypoxia and the often overlooked effect of altitude stripping the blood of CO2. It's CO2 that makes your body breath, without a baseline level, you have to consciously take every breath, and the pH buffering in your blood is messed up. As far as I can tell, no climbing O2 systems have a CO2 component, but I guess the masks help recycle a little of the exhaled CO2. I'd also want a bit of non-CO2 pH buffering on board, a little sodium HEPES or something would help tremendously.
bs0u0155, Jun 20 2022

       Just build the simulated trail and have the participants wear masks that gradually attenuate their oxygen intake. Cold and blowing snow conditions could be simulated by attendants using CO2 fire extinguishers.
normzone, Jun 21 2022

       [nz] so a treadmill?
pocmloc, Jun 22 2022

       //Just build the simulated trail//   

       Have them climb a smaller mountain, Mt Blanc or something, on supplementary nitrogen.
bs0u0155, Jun 22 2022


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