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Mount Rushmore President’s Nostrils Bat Reserve

drill out the nostrils to create a bat reserve
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The President's Heads carved into Mount Rushmore are completely solid. I think this is a wasted opportunity, and I now propose that the heads are hollowed out to create an interior cavity, with an access point at the nostrils. This will provide the perfect habitat for a large colony of bats.

At twilight the bats will dramatically emerge from the nostrils in large flocks potentially exceeding the spectacle of the Mexican free tailed bat swarm at Austin Texas.

see quick p'shop illustration in link

xenzag, Aug 11 2021

https://sodabred.tu...rils-bat-reserve-is [xenzag, Aug 11 2021]


       That snot funny.   

       In my notebook, I had considered intermittent waterfalls, but the bats won in the end.
xenzag, Aug 11 2021

       They already said no way to my proposal to cover them with mosaic tiles, so I don't like to push it too far.
xenzag, Aug 11 2021

       Put a giant spliff in their mouths as well with motion sensors in the nostrils so the lamp at it's end glows at appropriate times as the bats exit to make it look like they're enjoying a puff.
Skewed, Aug 11 2021

       And I always thought it was Mrs. Lincoln that was completely batty.
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2021

       If it is any consolation the place I had my Sasquatch encounter and found nests of hair in an old abbondoned copper mine is now a bat sanctuary with steel gates...   

       just say'n   

       Also, we have a bat which has taken up residence in an upper corner if our public shower/bathroom facilities.   

       I call him Henry... I'm not sure why.   

       Henry is a great name for a bat. Well done.
xenzag, Aug 12 2021

       I used to have a wolf spider that scuttled across the same patch of living room floor at around the same time every night, I called him George.
Skewed, Aug 12 2021

       (all sing)   

       "I'm Henery the bat I am
'enery the bat I am I am.
I reside above the bathroom floor
I chase bugs and Sasquatch out the door.
And all my friends are 'eneries
We wouldn't have a 'Willie' or a 'Sam', goddamn.
I'm the bat I am, I'm 'enery
'enery the bat I am!"
whatrock, Aug 12 2021

       Excellent song.
xenzag, Aug 12 2021

       I think the whole head should be hollow, and, as in "Being John Malkovich", act as a museum of his thinking. Would be empty except for bats in Trump's case.
4and20, Aug 13 2021

       Why doesn't some entrprising developer build an entire suburb where the houses are all head-shaped instead of cube-shaped? The eyes can be windows, the jaw can drop for entry and exit (no reason why the front door should have vertical hinges). The nostrils can be entry and exit points for pet bats, pigeons or bees.
pocmloc, Aug 13 2021

       //Would be empty except for bats in Trump's case.// No - bats are nice and would avoid Trump's head. Maggots on the other hand are not very nice and would make great inhabitants for a mini version of Trump's head placed on a stick as a bird feeder.
xenzag, Aug 13 2021

       Ah yes, of course, but you couldn't have entire fields of those to feed large flocks of birds.
xenzag, Aug 13 2021


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