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Now that's effecient!
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If you are like me, you read new ideas on the HalfBakery. (See link)

Anyway, the idea I was reading essentially meant that the keyboard would only be on strip of letters, becoming alot smaller and maneuverable. Since this keyboard would be very light weight, I propose adding an optional feature. Make the keyboard itself the mouse. You could have a little plastic piece sticking off of the keyboard where you could rest the heals of your palms, and you could manipulate the 'mouseboard' with that part of your hand while your fingers are typing. This plastic peice would be divided into two pieces - the left and right click.

Sure, clunky at first (but what isn't?)with enough practise you could use this keyboard with one hand! Get good enough, and it could be an FPSer's dream. Use the computer while snacking on your prefered snackable.

: )

Night, Jun 14 2005

Cyclical Keyboard Letters Cyclic_20Letter_20Keys
The inspiration. [Night, Jun 14 2005]

(?) Thats it. I was thinking of buying this before I stoped playing strat games. http://store.yahoo....u/micsidstratc.html
[10clock, Jun 15 2005]

(?) This might be of interest to you http://www.combimouse.com/index.htm
Keyboard as a mouse [leif980, May 23 2006]

Archive of the second link http://web.archive....u/micsidstratc.html
Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander: a left-handed 3D "mouse" with lots of buttons [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]

Archive of the third link http://web.archive....www.combimouse.com/
Combimouse: a keyboard split into two halves, where the right half is a mouse [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]

King's Assembly https://www.kicksta...use-full-of-awesome
A keyboard split into two halves, where each half is an independent mouse with an analog stick too! I nearly backed it, but it turns out to have failed after being funded :( [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]

KeyMouse https://www.keymouse.com/
Very similar in concept to King's Assembly, but different shape, and scroll wheels instead of analog sticks. Also started on Kickstarter but seems to have succeeded after the campaign finished because it looks like it still exists as a real thing. Alternative version with a trackball for each thumb! [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]


       you read the *new* ideas? how novel. you really should read some of vernon's old ideas...
po, Jun 14 2005

       I originally fishboned cyclical keyboard letters, thinking them useless. But your idea has changed my mind, and give them a purpose. A bun for you both.
Mad Dog, Jun 14 2005

       Sidewinder offers a mouse with 72 different functions. I will find the link.
10clock, Jun 15 2005

       No , it won't , that's what spell check is for. I can't see how you would think that this would improve my spelling. The internet hurt my feelings.   


       : (
Night, Jun 15 2005

       Look, I'm not like you, allright? And neither is anybody else!
zeno, Jun 15 2005

       luv zeno + s. z,   

       sp: alright.   

       hey <blows kiss>
po, Jun 15 2005

       Look, I just find this whole ensemble to be completely unnecessary and its just not a very good idea. I don't see how you could be inspired by something as obviously tedious as a single row keyboard that flashes different letters at different times. How frusterating, to always get out of synch with the flashing, you gotta be on speed to keep up with the damn thing! And then, to take this tiny keyboard and roll it around while you're trying to dredge up a rhythm? WTF? I rarely do it, but I'm gladly doing it here: BONE, [-], Fishy fish!   

       Welcome to the 'bakery, [Nylons]. Good stuff, and an interesting modification, but I'd never buy one even it it could suck me dry and make breakfast in bed.   


       Okay, I take that back. But, you get my point!
daseva, Jun 15 2005

       oh say what you feel.   

       we are incubating fledglings here.
po, Jun 15 2005

       Thanks [po]. <Catches kiss, puts it in vest pocket and casually winks, then slips comically on a shoe in a bottle> As long as its not like 'yo dis is mi invenshin, k? PACE!'I think we don't have to be sticklers for spelling.   

       [Daseva], I'm not sure if you read the updates on that idea, you would see that the keyboard would have the T9word program implemented. The letters keep up with you, not the other way around. I rarely do this, but I'm gladly doing it now . . . [Daseva], I am not going to the sunday ball with you!   

       edit- When is the HalfBakery about completely necessary ideas? Some of the best ideas on here aren't even good ideas, they invold pirates, and custard, or pirates made of custard, etc! Either way, I accept your bone.   

       ; )
Night, Jun 16 2005

       Yeah, yeah, I know. The HB isn't about practicality in the least sense. As such, its easy to dismiss practicality as a means of fishbone. Fine.   

       I'm boning ideas based on their practicality. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.   

       First up. My own shitty ideas. Double edged sword, heh.
daseva, Jun 16 2005

       [+] I also added a link for the combomouse.
leif980, May 23 2006


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