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Specific Language shortcut key

Two three or four shortcut keys, each for a specific language
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If I want to jump between Arabic and English,I click on the English shortcut. Back to Arabic I click on the Arabic shortcut. To go to Greek I press the Greek shortcut keys. Back to French I click on the French shortcut key.

Instead of toggling between the languages and having to look at the result somewhere on the screen I have a shortcut key for the language without the hassle.

pashute, Jun 08 2020


       So, this has to be a daemon, that scans current screen document and spawns a translation?. It seems the key function has to be built in to the top level of the software or at least have universal hooks for the ability.
wjt, Jun 08 2020

       I read it as text input / system user interface language. Could be very useful for people working on a bi+lingual process.
pocmloc, Jun 08 2020

       Windows has shortcut keys functionality for doing this.
chronological, Jun 08 2020


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