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Mouse Trap Device

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It looks like a book or media case on animal cruelty or animal behavior, when it is moved it opens up 3d paper structure of a large wild animal. If the paper structure is compressed in any way from a striking hand for example, the wire trap is released similar to a mouse trap.

Once the device is torn to shreds the mechanism can be seen. It is a a thin metal plate that compresses under the structurally strong points of the folds. Once this too is destroyed, a final explanation is found in a simple graphic schematic on a thin reflective metal sheet embossed with the outline of the animal you could become.

rcarty, Dec 08 2014

http://en.wikipedia...gy_of_decomposition [pertinax, Dec 10 2014]


       <yawns> Well, at least it's not in "Other: [general]" any longer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2014

       //the animal you could become//   

       So, proximately, a large number of bacteria and a part share in some fungi (see link).   

       The clever part would be to make it so that the opening-up process would not, itself, spring the trap. Maybe the trap would be primed by the opening-up process. You'd need a sort of double mousetrap. Then you'd need an origamic structure capable of turning a compressive force into a linear motion. That'd be a challenge, too. I mean, if you just push on a typical bit of folded paper, it moves away from you but is not compressed.   

pertinax, Dec 10 2014


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