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remote stereo confuser

wreaks havoc on neighbor's loud stereos
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Since most stereo systems these days come with infared remote controls, it would be simple to develop a malicious "universal remote control". The electronics in the device would quickly sweep all possible infared "instruction" frequencies used in home appliances. The sweep could be random or cyclic. (random sounds more confusing and thus more fun) The device could be planted outside the window of the noise offender. For near invisibility the box and battery unit could be disguised as some sort of phone or cable junction box, leaving only the tiny LED sending units connected by thin wires to be glued or stapled to the frame outside the window. If curtains or blinds are a barrier, the LEDs are so tiny that a pinhole drilled outside the window frame would probably go unnoticed. The sweeping signals would cause their equipment to randomly turn off, on, change stations, functions---you name it. It's kind of fun to imagine the frustration of the offender as they repeatedly take their equipment to repair shops trying to get it "fixed".
Ratita de Bodega, Aug 16 2002

Remote car stereo scrambler http://www.halfbake...0stereo_20scrambler
Half Baked, I believe. [DrCurry, Aug 16 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       differs, though, from a scrambler in that it affects the controls of the device rather that altering the output.
Ratita de Bodega, Aug 16 2002

       Just buy a universal remote that can scan for devices, and peep in the window. Once you get the code for whatever device you're looking for (I recommend the Hi-Fi), write it down, crank the volume, run like hell, and revisit next week..
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       Have it always connect to a non-stop radio station that plays back-to-back traditional German yodelling music, heavy on the polka beat, and each CD that is played has a skip at the most annoying part of the song. Yeah.
entremanure, Aug 16 2002

       Category change, please.
phoenix, Aug 16 2002

       [phoenix] - I believe the category chosen is the one most suitable for the poster.
PeterSilly, Aug 16 2002


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