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Moustache Handlebars

and monacle windscreen
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in wrought iron on a penny-farthing velocipede.
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2013

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       I believe the accepted Halfbakery terminology is 'velocipede'.   

       Otherwise [+].
Alterother, Oct 09 2013

       hashed it around a bit and I'll stick with "bicycle" for the nonce.
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2013

       [+] rather cute.
xandram, Oct 10 2013

       [+] Ahoy, someone with sketchery mastery -- a master sketch of this, if you please!
awesomest, Oct 11 2013

       Ha! Hilarious image riding a bicycle holding two long horse tail handlebars.
rcarty, Oct 11 2013


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