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Move Christmas into Feburary

Higher probability of snow
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People often wish for a 'white christmas', and are usually disappointed.

If we moved Christmas into Feburary they'd have a better chance of success.

Also, we could then celebrate the winter solstice properly.

Loris, Dec 06 2009

Move Christmas into January Move_20Christmas_20into_20January
[Loris, Dec 06 2009]

While checking facts I found this page, which I think is hilarious. http://www.woodland...stions/climate.html
Contrary to popular belief, it DOES NOT rain every day in England... [Loris, Dec 06 2009]


       Shirley that depends on where in the world you live?
kaz, Dec 06 2009

       I live in the UK. Other countries are irrelevant.
(They can put their holidays wherever they like.)
Loris, Dec 06 2009

       The gulf stream will shut down soon enough.
leinypoo13, Dec 06 2009

       Shocking news from Loris' second link, apparently women in the UK can wander about alone, eat alone and drink beer. Those crazy liberals!
Germanicus, Dec 06 2009

       I live in the UK too, and to be honest I'd rather be able to enjoy the snow when it occasionally arrives without being caught up in the whole nonsense that christmas has become.
kaz, Dec 06 2009

       What [kaz] said.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2009

       I think it's an excellent idea. We'd be able to do our Christmas shopping when the shops aren't so busy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2009

       Terrific idea. Shorten the interval between post-holiday emotional let-down and when the days start to get longer again. [+]
mouseposture, Dec 06 2009

       [+] environment-wise, February is a pretty crappy month that could get cheered up somewhat by a festive holiday without having to be Chinese (which New Year is the 14th)
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2009

       How about advancing it one day each year?
pocmloc, Dec 06 2009

       Has anyone asked Mary if she would mind crossing her legs and sitting tight for 2 extra months? Gotta think of the mother, you know.   

       Otherwise, I'm all for it. And I think it's a grand idea.
blissmiss, Dec 06 2009

       "Christ wasn't born in February."
How do you know?
phoenix, Dec 07 2009

       Christmas really has little do do with Christ. It's just a solstice festival that got picked up by the Christians. All that nativity stuff is hogswish.
DrWorm, Dec 07 2009

       Maybe combine Christmas with Valentines Day and give both holidays a whole new dynamic. It could become traditional to get a marriage proposal and a diamond for Christmas.
outloud, Dec 07 2009

       One small step at a time [Loris].... first you move the "r" of "Feburary" one letter to the left!
xenzag, Dec 07 2009

       So the year after next, Christmas will be in Febuarry?
wagster, Dec 07 2009

       Christmas was designed to overshadow the winter solstice, which is why is it so inconveniently placed.   

       To implement this idea I suggest you start to popularise a Christmas-like event on the date you desire (using Thanksgiving as a template) presumably by writing a modern "A Christmas Carol" for this new event. Eventually it might be adopted ...
Aristotle, Dec 07 2009

       Buf yearr!
pocmloc, Dec 07 2009

       So to get started, do we skip one, or do we have to put up with two of them two months apart?   

       I'd prefer we change the frequency. It doesn't need to be an annual celebration. Let's do it like World Cup or Olympics, once every four years. For that matter we could select a city to host it.
tatterdemalion, Dec 07 2009

       //Uh, just one problem... Christ wasn't born in February.//   

       Hmmm, maybe he was - the Julian calendar was only implemented, in Rome in 45BC - and, if metrication is anything to go by, these things can take time to permeate from the source - but let's assume that was the calendar in use in Palestine at the time.   

       The Gregorian Calendar, the one we use today, only saw use from 1582 and since that time, is progressively going further out of step with the Julian one - the current divergence is about 13 days - add the fact that the Julian calendar, the one replaced by the Gregorian one, which had been in existence for the 1600 years previous "loses" a day every 128 years, and you've got an additional 13 days inaccuracy right there.   

       So that accounts for a total of at least 26 day's divergence from the "true date" - which could put Christmas either somewhere between the end of November, or towards late Jan. It would only take a further non-calendar based inaccuracy to push that out into February.   

       The date of the 25th December was itself the result of a calculation - 9 months from Annunciation day, said to be 25th March, but which Luke describes as "The Sixth Month" (Luke 1:26) this might suggest Annunciation Day itself really ought to be celebrated in June, and, by continuing with the accepted 9-month gestation calculation, we might expect to celebrate Jesus' birthday in March.
zen_tom, Dec 07 2009

       Poor Jesus. I've always felt sorry for people born on Christmas Day, having to celebrate both in one day must be a right gyp.
theleopard, Dec 07 2009

       August 29 is a good one, [IT], then we could combine it with the English late summer Bank Holiday. Not sure what the Scots would do though.
coprocephalous, Dec 07 2009

calum, Dec 07 2009

       Yes thanks, [calum]. I'll have a pint of snakebite and a French Martini chaser.
Jinbish, Dec 07 2009

       Oh, I've got to go home *and do my chores*.
zen_tom, Dec 07 2009

       Really, z_t? What jobs?
DrBob, Dec 07 2009

       Yeah, why don't you relax and come down the pub?
theleopard, Dec 07 2009

       They're *chores*. And specific ones at that. Perhaps if someone were to ask me, specifically *what*, in *chore* terms, I had to do, I could tell them...
zen_tom, Dec 07 2009

       Don't fancy chores much...   

       I'm staying in the pub.
Jinbish, Dec 07 2009

       So get the DNA off of the Shroud of Turin, clone Jesus, do in vitro fertilization in May, change Christmas to February and when he gets old enough to talk, tell him he was cloned so the Brits could see snow.
leinypoo13, Dec 07 2009

       What are your chores, [Zed Tee]?
pocmloc, Dec 07 2009

       What chores! What chores!
zen_tom, Dec 07 2009

       I'll have a pint of Pedigree, ta! [z_t]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 07 2009

       Ooh! Ooh! A cheeky wee dram of Tobermory for me. Thanks [Zee_Tee], you're a star.
Jinbish, Dec 07 2009

<heads off towards the bar>
zen_tom, Dec 07 2009

       I'd join you, but I have to tend to my chuavinne.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 07 2009


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