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or Merry Mass
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A female holiday to replace christmas. Either in honor of Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene (for DaVinci Code fans), or just in honor of getting merry. Christ can keep Easter. Maybe Merry Mass could be held on February 6th to make it a celebration of the beginning of spring and the end of the three month season of the shortest days -- Nov 6th to Feb 6th, or maybe it could just replace christmas on Dec 21.
JesusHChrist, Dec 25 2005

Mary Magdalene has a Saint's Day already. http://www.american...default.asp?id=1084
So I'm calling this one Widely Baked [marked-for-deletion]. [DrCurry, Dec 25 2005]


       Hmmm.. from a Virgin Mobile cellular phone commercial: "Chrismahanakwanzakah". Need I say more? Is the resulting Chrisma - hana - mary - kwanza - mas - adan - urnalia just assumed?
roleohibachi, Dec 25 2005

       when is MaryMas mass or Merry Mass mass held?
rainbow, Dec 25 2005

       We'll all be feeling merry when he marries Mary Mas.   

       I suppose you need 6.02x10^23 Jeezits (communion wafers) to make up one Christ mass?
RayfordSteele, Dec 25 2005


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