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Movie Audio App

A mobile app that detects the movie/programme and plays the audio.
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My wife is hard of hearing, and films are a constant struggle for her. Subtitles, when available, are imperfect at best: sometimes out of sync, sometimes transcribed poorly, and often just hard to see. This app for mobile phones would first detect the film by "listening" to it (like SoundHound does for songs), and identify the film, prompting the user to confirm it. It would then find and stream the film audio in sync with the live film, allowing the user to plug in headphones and listen to the amplified sound. The magic part of this that probably makes this pure fantasy is that it would require a database of movie audio files for the app to tap into.
awesomest, Apr 02 2014

Baked, but not popular yet https://smarttv.yahoo.com/
IntoNow, bought by Yahoo [sophocles, Apr 04 2014]


       A friend of mine worked on this & got it to work. They got bought by Yahoo. It listens to audio, & then matches it to a vast media library, & then the iOS app displays related content from the internet for that media.   

       See link
sophocles, Apr 04 2014


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