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Mobile surface speaker

Your table is ringing
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There are a number of devices on sale now, which can receive an audio input and then output that same signal via whatever surface they sit on or are attached to (example link).
This same technology could be applied to mobile phones to transmit ring tones or otherwise play music.

Presumably it would not require a huge change, considering phones can already vibrate.

fridge duck, Jul 13 2007

Soundbug http://www.firebox....sbk&src_id=soundbug
[fridge duck, Jul 13 2007]


       And when not deployed to a table, I guess it just makes your femur sing out in contralto...?   

       Btw, anyone in a corporate setting will have observed that this already happens for phones set to vibrate - the conference room table dramatically increases the noise.
DrCurry, Jul 13 2007


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