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Movie Recut Scripting

Turning Passenger movie from a sappy romance into a horror film
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Some movies like passenger is better if re-cut, but unfortunately you cannot distribute the re-cut version.

What we need is a "Re-Cut Scripting" language that allows for frame accurate re-cutting of a legally obtained video file.

E.g. In VLC video player, you would supply in the video and then load in the script. The script is then read and VLC will automatically jump around the video file, to simulate a different video file.

A more advance recut scripting language could perhaps also do some interesting thing, like slide in a new video scene. Or maybe adjust the lighting etc...

But at it's most basic, it allows for playing video scene in different order (or omitting it entirely).


Original Idea from BasketOfPuppies in "Passengers, Rearranged" video by Nerdwriter1 in YouTube

> Well, he can't "publish" it, as he doesn't own the rights to do that. He could release the editing info (from whatever program he used) but that only works for folks who have the software, and the ripped version of the movie. There really needs to be some sort of plugin for VLC or something, where you can supply a frame-accurate edit list to play a video, so folks can distribute edits without the legal and technical issues. But, so far? There isn't.

mofosyne, Feb 21 2018

Passengers, Rearranged https://www.youtube...watch?v=Gksxu-yeWcU
Youtube Video By Nerdwriter1 [mofosyne, Feb 21 2018]

EDL https://en.wikipedi...lish_Defence_League
Well, you did ask. [8th of 7, Feb 21 2018]

Edit decision list according to Kodi https://kodi.wiki/view/Edit_decision_list
[mofosyne, Feb 22 2018]

Edit Decision List according to mplayer http://www.mplayerh...CS/HTML/en/edl.html
[mofosyne, Feb 22 2018]

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       You could just make an edl. You don't need programming logic for simple edits.
mylodon, Feb 21 2018

       What's an EDL?
mofosyne, Feb 21 2018

       Rather like the KKK, but with tea instead of coffee.   

8th of 7, Feb 21 2018

       EDL is edit decision list. It's about the simplest format. If you had to come up with a format and had three minutes, you'd either come up with EDL or CSV
mylodon, Feb 21 2018

       Oh I see. Did a quick search. Looks like there is already EDLs format out there. However they are mostly focused on skipping or muting advertisements.   

       Would be great if there is one that is more focused on video recutting.
mofosyne, Feb 22 2018


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