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Movie to Drive Through

drive through a tunnel with projections
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This idea was inspired by the Drive-Through Movie idea. Instead of just showing clips of video for those waiting in line at a drive through junkfood take-out (why are you there in the first place?!) I prefer to see an entire movie custom made for a tunnel where the moviegoers drive through.

If you like a storyline or a scene, you just slow down. Dialogues are then longer and more detailed. If you want to speed up things you accelerate. You only get to see a fast-cut version of the scene when you approach at high speed.

Steering is not possible or neccesary. The two front wheels of your car are mounted on a cart which travels on rails. The rotation of the wheels is transmitted through the little wheels in the cart.

The projection travels with you through the tunnel (attached on rails on the ceiling). The distance between you and the projection is variable. Sometimes you just can not 'catch it' because it accelerates when you do. At other times it stays with you or you just have to drive really slow. Or you drive through it to go to next projection.

On the walls in the tunnel there are other related projections that serve like illustrations to the story. Dreamlike images taken from the imagination or history of the characters you see on the screen in front of you. On the FM radio you hear a mix with the sound of the main projection and the projections of the wall (only when you pass them). The movie has dark parts with very little happening to make the rest more exciting and surprising. Then you are tempted to turn on your headlights to see extra information (billboards, road signs, corpses beside the road, parked cars) that help you understand the movie.

To make it more exciting, your car might come to a stop at some point. Then you and your car drop into a dark cave, you are pulled from your car and put in the trunk of another car, blindfolded. Which turns out to be the car of just another movie goer in another tunnel in another movie. They hear you screaming and take you out so you can join them in their car to see their movie. Which has a storyline of kidnappers, unlike the movie you were in first. You are worried about your car and passengers meanwhile. They appear in projections on the walls, filmed earlier when you were driving through your movie.

Does anyone know a mountain with an abandoned web of tunnels? The movie can only be shown there and nowhere else. The perfect anti-dote against the ripping of the movie, pirate copies. You can of course install a camcorder on the dashboard of your car, but it will never capture the entire movie.

Let's ask David Lynch to direct it.

rrr, Feb 19 2005

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       Frank Booth: You wanta go for a ride?   

       Jeffrey Beaumont: No thanks.   

       Frank Booth: No thanks. What does that mean?   

       Jeffrey Beaumont: I don't want to go.   

       Frank Booth: Go where?   

       Jeffrey Beaumont: On a ride.   

       Frank Booth: A ride? Hell, that's a good idea. Okay, let's go. Hey, let's go.
jaksplat, Feb 19 2005

       "Steering is not possible or neccesary."   

       If we could steer, the movie could be more interactive. I could drive toward the screen that looks most interesting. To prevent collisions, only one car allowed in the tunnels at a time.
robinism, Feb 20 2005

       I don't really believe in interactivity in movies. You can choose between movies/stories, but not change the direction of the story. Otherwise you can just project a whole bunch of unrelated images and let the viewer make up a story. Highly interactive. Also very popular in modern art nowadays. The art critics give the interpretation, the story. Inevitable. Better let a director do it.
rrr, Feb 20 2005


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