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In-Theatre Trailer Voting

Test movie trailers with the audiences that loathe them, where they loathe them the most.
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First of all this is to be a quick process, since it involves nearly ALL major theaters. The intentions of this are purely as a pre- supplement to screenings for test audiences of the actual movies in question. You go to the cineplex for a movie and sit through the usual half dozen upcoming snippets. Immediately following, each viewer seated has the 30 second opportunity of voting, via a numerical keypad provided, which trailers are most appealing (in order from most to least favorable). We endure them anyway, so why not take the soda-sip of a minute to make it productive by giving valuable feedback to the studios. The positive catch is that each theater-goer who takes the tiny chunk of time to sequentially rank the preceding teasers will recieve (a to-be-determined somehow) an instant coupon for a free tub of corn or some other edible perk that would otherwise equal the price of the movie he or she initially came to see. And during the bustling holiday seasons or on big premier days, participants will instead recieve a free movie voucher for their "troubles" of being entertained or not so entertained while lounging in the air conditioned dark. For those who refuse to cast opinion, just sit and wait for the same amount of time you usually do, and turn on your pulse when the feature presentation begins. It's that simple.
UrineForATreat, Dec 08 2003


       That's a great idea. So good that it has been done for a decade.
xylene, Dec 08 2003

       No. No, it hasn't been done for a decade. Sorry.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 10 2004


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