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Mowbility Scooter

Another degree of freedom
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This is for my aged, curmudgeonly neighbor who now must roll wherever he goes and hates the way his wife mows the lawn. It is also for the other neighbors who hate to hear him fume at his wife over the way she mows the lawn.

Attached toward the front of a "mobility scooter" on either side are attached short lengths of "receiver" tubing oriented longitudinally. These serve as a mounting system. The operator maneuvers the scooter up to the mulching mower attachment docking with the two mounting points that fit inside the receivers on the scooter. An RF remote is used to instruct the mower attachment to lock in the dock and lift in to operating position. Casters on the front end of the mower attachment allow free movement and minimize the weight borne by the front of the scooter. The remote control is also used to start the engine and control the throttle of the mower attachment.

Cranky John, go mow your lawn.

Up next, a small backhoe style attachment for digging in the garden. All attachments have their own power source and any necessary stabilizing outriggers.

(Why not a garden tractor? 'Cause that's baked of course. And it takes up more space in the garage. Why not a remote controlled mower? 'Cause that's been talked about here many times.)

half, Jul 20 2003

A good candidate for modification. http://www.nybro.com.au/4wd.php
4 wheel drive [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Can't your neighbour just mount scythes on his wheels like Boadiccea?
DrCurry, Jul 21 2003

       Hydraulic attachment points and power take-off points for "mobility scooters"...   

       Next: Davros Mowing and Snowplow Services, llc.
Don Quixote, Jul 21 2003

       Or tackle the problem from another direction: eliminate your neighbor's ability to talk as well as his ability to walk.
snarfyguy, Jul 21 2003

       Love this idea. However, most mobility scooters just haven't got the oomph necessary to move much more than themself and their passenger. Agree that 3/4WD is necessary for this application.   

       Mobility scooters are like shoes to disabled people. You wouldn't go to the shops in the same grubby old shoes you use to mow the lawn. Cleaning up a mobility scooter after it has been used as a lawnmower prime mover well enough that you'd run it around in your house sounds a challenge... but the idea is interesting nonetheless.   

       Just so it's been said, Aussie Nybro's ATV/moby *does* have a facility for a mower deck:   

weezil, Dec 26 2004

       Well, I didn't say it had to be attached to his Sunday-go-to-meetin' scooter. I happened to have a spare, heavy duty one sitting in my garage that I would have gladly donated to the cause. :-)
half, Dec 26 2004

       Half, seems to me that the real solution is to just to put a full-face helmet on your curmudgeonly neighbour. :D
weezil, Dec 27 2004


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