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Scooter Stick

As I dreamt it.
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This is a long handle, either light metal or plastic, with a wheel on the end and a space, near the wheel, for a foot to be inserted.

The handle is held in one hand and the foot on the same side is inserted. This allows a user to run and roll at the same time.

Holding the handle keeps the device stabilized and it can be adjusted during movement to maintain balance. This is smaller than a scooter and and easier to use than a skateboard. Perhaps the handle can be telescoping to enhance compactness.

So thats it, a long handle with a foot hold and a wheel.

schmendrick, Sep 25 2005

Heelys Roller Shoes http://www.dicksspo...5&parentPage=family
[jurist, Sep 25 2005]


       If this device is only going to have one wheel, why bother with the collapsible stick handle? Just wear a Heelys roller shoe (see link), or even a clamp-on roller skate on one foot. It will be both smaller and easier to balance, especially with both hands free.
jurist, Sep 25 2005

       because a bigger wheel gives you beter mobility.
pashute, Jul 14 2006

       simple, yet great
tatmkr, Jul 14 2006


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