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Mr Peer Pressure

"If you want to be cool, blow up the power station!"
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At first glance, he looks like some guy in a snazzy suit.

However, his voice has the uncanny ability to persuade anyone into doing his bidding.

You see, as he talks he gives off a strange feeling of stress towards his target, aimed for their emotions, a feeling of pressure to complee a task that if not done, will make them feel inadequate.

He surrounds himself for protection with those he controls, as he is defenceless without them.

Might not sound like much, but to a superhero (or villain), where their place in society must be asserted: destructive.

mrkillboy, Jun 05 2001


       "It'll make you feeeel gooood!"
"*Everybody's* doing it!"
PotatoStew, Jun 05 2001

       Doing what, creating superheroes?
bookworm, Jun 05 2001


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