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Mr. or Mrs. Treehead

Put a face on your tree
  [vote for,

With your choice of head parts, tree clothing, hats, arms and legs to hang from the branches. You can personalize any christmas tree. Or for the outdoor tree just change the face for the seasons.
sartep, Dec 06 2003


       For some reason this seems like a good idea-- I'm owning up to the fact that I voted for it. Though I am ashamed...
futurebird, Dec 06 2003

       It's ok, I use The Force for evil purposes. I'm not ashamed.
sartep, Dec 06 2003

       "The Ent made me do it."
DrCurry, Dec 06 2003

       Look, it's a [futurebird]! From the future! (Nice to see you 'round)   

       Did somebody say "ent" yet? Oh, yes, [Curry]. Carry on, carry on. +
k_sra, Dec 06 2003

       Neato hadn't considered making them talk.
sartep, Dec 07 2003

       (+) As long as it's not saying;
"My roots! Oh God wheres' my roots?"

       Will that ghost you made say "ho ho ho"
futurebird, Dec 08 2003

       "Come along Dorothy, we don't want any of those presents."

"You sayin' my presents ain't what they supposed to be?"

"Oh no. Jus' maybe she doesn't like little green worms."
sartep, Dec 08 2003

       "Mrs Sloop John B just has to have multiple Christmas trees"
[better half] is up to 3 full size trees now. I don't think I'm going to suggest another.
half, Dec 08 2003


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