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Mud tires for tractors

Mud, shmud!
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I was surprised to see that mudracing cars have tires like huge circular blades. They are very thin rather than very thick. I will see if I can find a link.

In rainy weather it can be hard to get tractors in the field. They bog down and compact the mud, ruining the fields. I propose that huge thin tire blades would also be good for tractors. These would leave a deep cleft in the field as they move along. Perhaps texture on the sides of the tire would be good for added grip on the sides of the cleft it cut. The tractor could carry sand which would pour off the back into this cleft, facilitating drainage for the field.

bungston, Aug 26 2013

Mud Racing http://www.championshipmudracing.com/
It's an acquired taste, for some. [Alterother, Aug 26 2013]

Interco TSL Bogger http://www.intercot...com/tires.php?id=13
Widely considered to be the best mud racing tire, although agricultural tires are also popular. [Alterother, Aug 26 2013]


       I suspect mud racing happens on a relatively hard packed surface, so you have a couple of inches of mud to punch through before you reach hard dirt.   

       Fields, on the other hand, tend to have several feet of very loose soil.
MechE, Aug 26 2013

       I'm wondering if the key driving difference here would be the RPM's at the tire.
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2013

       Clearly a massive misunderstanding about why you don't go messing around in the field when it is to wet.
WcW, Aug 26 2013

       The race you witnessed was not a 'mud race' (more commonly known as a 'mud run') but a swamp race, where the vehicles (called swamp buggies) race through deep muddy water. Swamp buggy racing is limited to the southeast US, whereas mud run racing takes place anywhere you can find (or make) mud. The national mud run championship is held about twenty miles from my home.   

       The tall skinny wheels used on swamp buggies would be worse than useless in thick mud, where wide low-pressure tires keep the vehicle from sinking whilst the aggressive cleats grab what little traction can be had.   

       See links for info on mud run racing and examples of the tires used, which are generally called mud tires.
Alterother, Aug 26 2013

       /massive misunderstanding/ Ignorance is curable! I thought one avoided wet fields to keep from compacting the soil. There is a better reason? Your comments (wcw) re C:N ratio and the unsuitability of paper as mulch caused the scales to fall from my eyes. More on wet fields, please.
bungston, Aug 27 2013


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