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Predator Tyres

Using the same material as the football boots - make predator car/bike tyres
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Predator boots are designed to be faster, give better grip and above all look good. Why not make car/bike tyres out of the same material? It would enhance the speed of the car and make them grip the road better? Status would come into play, as there would be different standards of model reflecting in higher prices. Would be Beckhams would be well accomodated with various colours available. Hopefully once they catch on, then Nike, Adidas and Puma would all produce different tyres to create a more variable market. Having certain branded tyres on your car/bike would give off a message about yourself and your car/bike.
Bantam, Dec 19 2002

The Adidas Predator http://www.dooyoo.c...tor/_review/357752/
Developed with the assistance of former Liverpool FC player and Australian, Craig Johnston. [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Should I get a set of white wall tires?   

       Are you gonna cruise the miracle mile?   

       //Having certain branded tyres on your car/bike would give off a message about yourself and your car/bike.//
Right, and that message would be "I bought tires made out of old shoes." =/
addendum: Why is this under "home: pest control"?
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 19 2002

       Makes as much sense as making tyres from soccer boots.
(Related musing: generally, the price of a tyre is largely a function of its quality, whereas the price of sports equipment, shoes particularly, is a function of how much the manufacturers think they can get away with. A shoe costing £200 is virtually indistinguishable from one costing £50. Sales of the higher-priced article are achieved by persuading a gullible public that a significant difference exists, or simply that "this is trendy".)
angel, Dec 19 2002

       Or go the other way and make sports shoes out of old tyre treads.   

       Michelin have sort of followed similar logic with their "show me the logo" ads, trying to emulate the cachet of branded goods. Doesn't work IMHO, tyres are as glamourous as wellies, unless they've been sprayed onto 20" rims.   

       Still, at least this idea is vaguely palatable.
egbert, Dec 19 2002

       //Still, at least this idea is vaguely palatable.//
It is that, I'll grant you.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 19 2002

       "Having certain branded tyres on your car/bike would give off a message about yourself and your car/bike."   

       That you have some innate need to show off how much you spent on your tires, and giving the company free advertisement space to boot? Persoanlly I think there are enough logos invading my brain all day long, I'd prefer not to see thousands of them on the highway (in addition to the billboards, and towering fast food signs of course.)
notme, Dec 19 2002

       egbert: nike has already done this with their "regrind" shoe soles. essentially you're paying more for an inferior product (recycled tire rubber).   

       angel: intersting that you mention that fact about the (insert monetary symbol here) 50. having spoken to some adidas marketing reps, they call any shoe retailing for less than $100 a barbeque/fashion shoe. in other words useless for seious sporting.   

       as for the predator wasn't it's main selling feature a bunch of ridges in the upper that gave the player more ball control, as in ability to induce spins and such. i don't recall hearing anything about improved grip. and in any case, tires with cleats are baked.
mihali, Dec 19 2002

       To coin a phrase, "well, they *would* say that, wouldn't they?"
angel, Dec 19 2002

       //Are you gonna cruise the miracle mile?//
Up to Nike Town?
thumbwax, Dec 19 2002


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