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Muff Mittens

Two fluffy mittens become a warm muff.
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This pair of mittens will keep your hands toasty warm, but on really cold outings only a muff will keep frostbite away. On the inside near the fingertips of each mitten is a folded slot, sort of like on a pillowcase. Just open the Velcro-sealed slot, press the hands together and seal the mittens to each other to make a furry, comfy muff.

The mittens are also ideal when making a polite handshake or when holding hands with a sweetie pie, assembling one or two muffs from the side when skating or from the back when snuggling.

FarmerJohn, Dec 22 2002

Muff Mittens http://tzrz.safeshopper.com/3/113.htm?839
usually come as part of a set, apparently. *Oh* that kind of muff... [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Excellent for muff diving on a cold night
thumbwax, Dec 22 2002

       So, it's like sleeping bags that zip together, only it's mittens?
egnor, Dec 22 2002

       Yeah, and the next product will be gloves that become finger muffs.
FarmerJohn, Dec 22 2002

       Oh, its you, I barely recognized you in mufti.   

       you could call them cuff kittens but then you are much too sensible for that. I used to have a muff. it had a length of cord that went round my neck. I used to find my dad looking at it wistfully sometimes :)
po, Dec 22 2002

       Well, it's a lot better than my current project: A glove with the disadvantages of a glove and the disadvantages of a mitten.   

       Croissant just for the idea of being able to hold hands on chilly walks. (I have gloves sorta like this already, the kind with cut off fingers and mitten end that velcros on and off.)
rowlycat, Dec 22 2002

       Again, so not what I was picturing when I read the caption.
TBK, Dec 22 2002


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