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Mulitple-lens CD player

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A CD player with several trays and several lasers, so you could play multiple CDs at once. I was thinking about the Flaming Lips' album "Zaireeka" and I was thinking how great it would be if you could play all four CDs in one CD player at once.

The possibilities for ambient soundscape / installations are endless - play a few ambient CDs together with a disc of whale noises and a disc of rain falling, and you've got yourself an in-home installation.

Rubi, Feb 01 2004


       //ambient soundscape// eh?   

       Motorhead, ACDC, local church choir and the soundtrack to Jaws.
skinflaps, Nov 28 2006

       Just download some mixing software & record all 4 CDs into one track. Much easier.
jtp, Nov 28 2006


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