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Multi-door elevator

I think the reason why people have to wait for elevators is the fact it takes so much time entering and leaving one- well, no more!
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Instead of spending time optimizing elevator runs, express elevators, odd-or-odd-floor elevators, etc., we could try to minimize the time it takes to go from floor X to floor Y by simply allowing people to get in and get out faster by using multi-door elevators.

I am not just talking about elevators with a door in the front and a door in the back- hospitals seem to be the only places to use these types- I wonder why...anyway, I am talking about elevators with doors on 3 or maybe event 4 sides! And each side, unlike today's elevators, will have multiple swing-open doors!

Add a sensor in every floor and corner to see if someone is actually waiting on that side and we can minimize the time an elevator spends standing still in a particular floor. Makse sure thse suckers can take 30, 40 people, make them move twice as fast as normal elevators, and we'll have building with only 1 or 2 elevator shafts, instead of 8 or 10 shafts. has this been done? Am I completed backed here or what?

Sprokets, Apr 28 2005




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