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Personal pay-per-lift elevators

Imagine 1 person elevators that wait at the ground level and can take you to your floor non-stop at mega speeds...for a fee
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This one just hit me like a ton of bricks- it seems today's topic is elevators. "Elevators for $400 Alex."

Anyway, imagine a very small and fast elevator (maybe we could squeeze 4 of these in a regular sized elevator shaft). The elevator would normally wait at the ground floor and would take 1 person to any floor without stopping along the way (there's space for only one person remember) for a small fee, say 25 cents to go up in a rush! For those of you who are always late to work and work in a big office tower with cranky elevators that always seem to make you wait forever everytime you're late, well, I am sure you'd hop in one of these babies in a flash- heack, you would get a frequent-customer card good for one ride a day for a whole month! Anyway...has this been done? I think not, but I may be wrong. But it is a good idea, no?

Sprokets, Apr 28 2005

Elevator Overrider Elevator_20Overrider
by bungston. Not the same. [calum, Apr 29 2005]


       you would end up waiting for the next in line elevator or you would have to have many elevator shafts which in turn takes up floor space fish to you
10clock, Apr 29 2005

       *Presses floor number*   

       "Thankyou. Your account is 2 months overdue. To prevent elevator from ejecting passengers at the top of the shaft, please insert your credit card now."
Adze, Apr 29 2005

       How do people get into the two elevators at the back of the shaft?
bristolz, Apr 29 2005

       perhaps there could be doors at the rear too or they could move around on a horizontal plane as well like a rubic cube.   

       the latter would require a personal chauffeur riding shotgun on top of each elevator to hitch and unhitch the cables.
po, Apr 29 2005


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