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Nature lift

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The lifts (elevators) where I work have chunky stone floors - a standard ploy from lift manufacturers to make lift users feel like the floor is reassuringly solid and not a thin platform above a terrifying void. This made me think, a natural floor might be even better in this respect - so the lift floor would be made up of moss, grass and gravel. When the lift is unoccupied, full spectrum lighting and a water mister comes on to keep the plants alive. There are elegant stepping stones in the moss and gravel, wild flowers growing, and maybe a lichen-encrusted log to sit on. Thus the short period of time you spend in the lift would change from being a tedious wait between floors to a Zen-like contemplation of the beauty of nature.
hippo, Oct 27 2015

pressure sensitive color changing liquid crystal space fidget http://www.bing.com...ce+fidget&FORM=IGRE
[beanangel, Oct 30 2015]


       "What's that plant in the corrner then, the one with the long, thin, pointy leaves ? Mike from Purchasing seems curiously posessive about it ..."
8th of 7, Oct 27 2015

       Maintenance and cleaning? The same scenario trapped in a glass bottom floor, or just a fish tank with sharks at your feet?
4and20, Oct 27 2015

       //a thin platform above a terrifying void//

This could equally well be a description of George Osborne's hair.
DrBob, Oct 27 2015

       Or indeed of current Conservative fiscal policy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2015

       I love it. I might even sit down and meditate for 15 seconds, whilst on my way home in the eve. No more blank stares at blank staring people. +++++
blissmiss, Oct 27 2015

       [+] but saunas, bathroom stalls, weight-rooms, convenience stores, et cetera could be other options.
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2015

       No sleepy, fact.
blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       //This could equally well be a description of George Osborne's hair.//
Actual lol.

       This idea though, yech. It goes against everything that powers the Urge to Build, it goes against mankind's need to escape the gravid, sucking earth. We build up not out of convenience or because of cost but so that we can, as yer man said, slip surly bonds. Everything that rises must converge. But this lift causes not the land to rise but the Omega Point, otherwise fixed in the heavens, to be pulled down towards the earth, each lift's maximum reach dragging our aspiration back towards the soil. This is not an act of making our goals achievable, no, it is an act of sabotaging our hope.   

       Also, worms, ew.
calum, Oct 28 2015

       + I love it! Maybe some frogs and crickets, too.
xandram, Oct 28 2015

       //mankind's need to escape the gravid, sucking earth// - for those that feel this urge, there is an alternative lift with a floor surface resembling the peak of a high mountain. The floor is uneven and rocky, with lumps of ice and snow. The unfiltered full-spectrum lights in the lift require the wearing of snow goggles, a powerful wind machine blows ice-cold air across the lift interior and a vacuum pump reduces the oxygen levels such that lift occupants are kept on the verge of passing out.
hippo, Oct 28 2015

       Yes [xandram], rivet, rivet.
blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       I think it's ribet! (rivets will hold the thing all together)
xandram, Oct 28 2015

       I'm ok with all the dirt and such as long as there are no plastic flowers stuck in it. The smell of confined plastics is IMHO nauseating. And not too sure about Kermit. He might leap, I might shriek and set off the neurotic exec assistant from the 14th floor, thereby destroying the placid earthy ness. Otherwise +
dentworth, Oct 28 2015

       I squat corrected.
blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       //The smell of confined plastics// Ah, but I love the smell of plastics. I have been known to sniff newly- opened 50ml plastic tubes in the lab.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2015

       Why not have giant hydraulic lifts. You step into a tube and water pushes you up the shaft slowly, and to go back down water is slowly drained. That way you only need a buoyant lift though salt water may have issue with corrosion. Heavy oil may also work to even using break fluid.
travbm, Oct 29 2015

       dang ^   

       I was going to anno something similar but opposite. The descending counter-weight drawing the elevator upward could be a water-filled container that empties at bottom, the water is then raised to the buildings' top in the form of steam.   

       What?... Nature-Lift needs a little waterfall in the corner.   

       [tr] post it.
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2015

       I have no idea what I was talking about on 28 October.
calum, Oct 30 2015

       you had it right with the worms though...
po, Oct 30 2015

       there is a pressure sensitive liquid crystal thing called a space fidget [link]   

       placing that at an elevator would cause it to change colors with acceleration either direction from Earth   

       nifty swirls of varying color at the base of the elevator responsive to humans movements   

       also I like the idea as described
beanangel, Oct 30 2015


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