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MultiPhone Holder

For a dominance gesture
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Think about those wallets that have a folding plastic card-holder --the holder unfolds to display a long strip of cards.

Now imagine such a holder being designed to open up, but fairly rigidly hold its place after being opened (not unlike a pantograph can maintain its particular extended position).

Now imagine that each slot in the holder holds a phone. You can use both hands to spread your phones widely --like opening a newspaper-- and then use one hand to hold the holder while you use the other to manipulate the phones. There should be at least two and perhaps 4 or even 5 ROWS of phones (depending if mounted in the holder holder vertically or horizontally). Depending on the capabilities of the phones, you may be able to connect them together with a sort of network cable system, to act as one overall multi-screened device.

Vernon, Oct 15 2014


       Dominance sp: dependance
zeno, Oct 16 2014

       Dependence sp: Conversion to Cyberman status
MechE, Oct 16 2014

       Really important people don't carry phones. They have people for that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2014

       He's well, all things considered. Shall I pass on your good wishes?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2014


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