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Secret Thumb-twiddling Language

Yeah, okay, so I'm bored...
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A bit like Sign Language, but in smaller font...
RayfordSteele, Jul 25 2011

The Drasnian secret language http://davideddings...ia.com/wiki/Drasnia
In the Belgariad, the Drasnians have a secret language where entire conversations could be had via innocent handsigns, while talking on unrelated matters [theircompetitor, Jul 26 2011]

Thumb War http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thumb_war
Not exactly a language, but twiddling and circling might be strategies... [csea, Jul 27 2011]


       very nice.
po, Jul 25 2011

       What'd you say? Hahahaha!+
blissmiss, Jul 25 2011

       Do you twiddle your thumb at us, sir?
theleopard, Jul 26 2011

       you know- thumbs up! [+]
xandram, Jul 26 2011

       small, but perfectly formed [+]
pertinax, Jul 26 2011

theleopard, Jul 26 2011

po, Jul 26 2011

       Reminds me of the customs of the Adem in the fantasy novel "Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss.
jutta, Jul 26 2011

       Shouldn't it really be called "thumb circling"? Twiddling and circling are not the same.
blissmiss, Jul 26 2011

       People fluent in sign langauge actually 'whisper' and 'shout,' BION.
Alterother, Jul 26 2011

       One thumbs down. Apparently the autoboner is Ebert.   

       Reminds me of Count and Lady Fenris.
mouseposture, Jul 27 2011

       I suspect a lot of this kind of thing is going to end up redundant as you will probably be able to get an ee-phone app to translate into plain speech, what with the camera and all..   

       At the risk of one more book reference, the touch language in Iain M Bank's "The Algebraist" as that can be done under cover..
not_morrison_rm, Jul 27 2011

       Dammit, [!mrn] your anno needed to have either 5 or 6 words.
mouseposture, Jul 27 2011

       1, 2, 3, 4
I declare a thumb war! [link]
csea, Jul 27 2011

       where's [wax] when you need him?
po, Jul 27 2011

       // Dammit, [!mrn] your anno needed to have either 5 or 6 words.//   

       It does, but in multiples of 5 and 6, it was 60 words, so 5 x 6 twice. No, it wasn't deliberate.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 27 2011

       This should be easy to do. One direction of thumb motion could be defined as equivalent to a "dot" and the other direction could be defined as equivalent to a "dash" and NO motion would be a separator between consecutive duplicate items, and now you are ready to transmit Morse Code.
Vernon, Jul 27 2011

       This morning, [Eleventeenthly] was communicating with me by tapping my thumbs together in a Morse code pattern on a noisy train, and he hadn't read this idea.
nineteenthly, Jul 27 2011


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