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Multicolored Mechanical Pencil

One pencil with many colors
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Simple and not terribly inventive, but I could really use one. I am constantly running around the office with a pocket full of colored pencils, which is bulky and awkward since they don't have clips. One of those multicolored pens, except using colored pencils, would be quite useful.
Worldgineer, Jun 08 2006

Like this http://www.cyberimp...i-color/wpmc003.jpg
Only using mechanical pencils. [Worldgineer, Jun 08 2006]

Like this http://www.jhadesig...n-Pencil_in_One.jpg
Only with more pencils. [Worldgineer, Jun 08 2006]

Try This http://www.dickblick.com/zz206/03b/
[tcarson, Jun 08 2006]

Multi-colored pencils http://www.roger-russell.com/normapg.htm
[NortherSpy]'s link as a link (and it's off to e-bay I go...) [Worldgineer, Mar 19 2007]


       um, [worldgineer], they already sell colored graphite sticks for mechanical pencils, and they also have mechanical pencils that change into pens and/or styli when you twist them. so you want a combination of the two?
tcarson, Jun 08 2006

       I think the idea is to either have two or more mechanical-pencil mechanisms in the same instrument, with a means of selecting between them, or else the ability to have multiple colors of lead installed within a mechanical pencil and an easy means to switch among those. I would think the former approach would be easier; indeed, I can actually imagine a way for it to work.
supercat, Jun 08 2006

       [supercat] has it. I currently use 5 pencil colors to mark up drawings. I can't really use pens, as I need to erase. I could switch to mechanical pencils with colored graphite, but I'm still stuck carrying around a whole pocketful of the things.
Worldgineer, Jun 08 2006

       a really big fat pencil with half a dozen different coloured leads in the centre - just slightly turn the pencil and press on the preferred colour.
po, Jun 10 2006

       [I'm thinking someone should introduce the wonderful world of CAD/CAM to Worldgineer. No more colored pencils required.]
DrCurry, Jun 10 2006

       [2fries] Do you have to change the whole lead? That won't do. Plus there would be too much sharpening involved.   

       [po] I like it.   

       [DrC] Of course I use CAD. But that's just increased the use of colored pencils. It's far more efficient to sketch things up with pencil and then CAD them - often handing drawings off to CAD professionals who are much more skilled at the craft than I.   

       [rc] I fear that I'd still end up with a pocket full of bits. I don't mind the lacking concentricity of [po]'s idea.
Worldgineer, Jun 12 2006

       rcarty: The flexibility of pens probably explains why the multi-designs use them, but I would think a multi-pencil could be built.   

       To see the design I have in mind, draw a small circle surrounded by six of equal diameter. Erase the inner circle and connect adjacent pairs of outer circles, and draw a large circle circumscribing the whole thing.   

       In each pair of circles, the counterclockwise one represents a pencil mechanism and the clockwise one represents a hinge. If the actual diameter of each hinge is slightly smaller than the diameter of each pencil mechanism (and I see no reason it couldn't be), there would be clearance for any pencil mechanism to be swung into the center. Given that the actual guts of a mechanical pencil are quite narrow, it should be possible to fit the above aparatus in a reasonable-sized package.
supercat, Jun 12 2006

       Such a thing exists and has existed since the 1930's at least. http://www.roger- russell.com/normapg.htm and the link at that page to "other pens and pencils" has some really interesting designs.
NorthernSpy, Mar 18 2007

       The pencil's hole in which the graphite comes out of could be off center, and when the graphite is retracted, you could rotate the tip of the pencil to the different cylinders in which the colored graphite is stored.
BJS, Mar 18 2007

       I have a solution. First off, imagine five short mechanical pencils each only 2 inches long. These stack together inside a 9 inch long tube, so the tip of the top pencil pokes out. To switch colors, you pull out the front pencil push it into the back of the tube.   

       [edit added:]   

       Another idea--instead of short stubby pencils, you have a bundle of seven narrow diameter pencils. They are crammed into a hollow tube body with a tapered front and a flat rear. This body has one central hole in the front and six holes in the rear.   

       The central pencil pokes out the front, while the six other pencils poke out the rear. To change colors, you first pull the current pencil out the front. Then you push the desired pencil forward, using the old pencil, which simultaneously snaps the new pencil into the central position while replacing the old pencil in its old position.
IJK, Mar 19 2007

       Wow, a ten inch long pencil... I wouldn't want that sticking out of my pocket.
BJS, Mar 19 2007


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