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Pencil Caps

Stab-proof, or your money back
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Pencil caps. Small cylinders of orange wood that slide over your good old #2 to prevent them from cutting a hole in your leg when you put them in your pocket. Or to prevent them from escaping your workbook and scribbling all over your precious report. Or to prevent the tip from smashing at the slightest jolt in the road. The uses for the pencil cap go on forever...
croissantz, Nov 13 2007

Q: Pencil Caps - do they still exist? http://www.pencilre...08/cap-that-pencil/
A: Yes. (Plastic or metal, though, not wood.) [jutta, Nov 13 2007]

From a link on the page jutta linked to. http://www.faber-ca...3&m3=13123&m4=13039
If we add a magnifying glass and a tape measure can we call it a Swiss Army Pencil? [Canuck, Nov 13 2007]


       these don't exsist? really?
evilpenguin, Nov 13 2007

simonj, Nov 13 2007

       Yeah, could have helped me years ago. Pretty sure there is still a piece of pencil lead in my knee... yep, still there.
rascalraidex, Nov 13 2007

       Why would a pencil cap need to be made of wood? I have found that the plastic cap from most any cheap stick pen appears to fit on a standard pencil quite nicely, thank you. What's more, you generally have a choice of colours since they can be had at most hotels, insurance agents, auto body shops, and such. For free!   

       I'm also curious why you are writing on the road when that slight jolt smashes your tip.
Canuck, Nov 13 2007

       A cap is all well and good but it's a bit of a waste, another thing to lose. But if it was a combination sharpener/eraser as well. Then all you need to do is add a thing for pearling oysters and the world is your hoof.
marklar, Nov 13 2007

       Woodn't be good for making a cap. It splits too easily.   

       I use a mechanical pencil for all my graphite-writing needs (Sudoku, really). The lead can easily be pushed back inside, sharpening is never needed. That's a lot simpler than some of the linked sets.
baconbrain, Nov 13 2007

       But that tiny metal tube on the end is really pokey and needs a cap anyway.
nomocrow, Nov 13 2007


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