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Skip Alarm

A Skip Next button on alarm clocks
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I'd like a button on my alarm clock to skip just the next occurrence of the alarm. For instance, if I have an alarm set for 7 AM, but I don't have to get up tomorrow morning, I now have to shut off the alarm and (hopefully) remember to turn it back on tomorrow. Instead, I'd like to "skip next" and leave it on, so it wouldn't go off the next time 7 AM rolls around, but would go off the morning after even if I forgot about it.

Ideally, the feature should also work for the snooze alarm. If the normal snooze is, say, 10 minutes, but I know I can get away with 20, why hit the snooze twice? Hit "skip next", and sleep 20 minutes without shutting off the whole snooze schedule.

shadenfroh, Aug 07 2008

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       So this is a 24 hour skip? No telling what you'd actually get, with all the fumbling and bashing people do in the morning. They might end up with a hundred year skip. Wake up all bearded and hoary, their job gone and everyone they know dead. Could be kinda frightening when they open the fridge.
ldischler, Aug 07 2008

       I thought this would be something which wakes you up when your neighbour, in the dead of night, tries to sneak an old mattress into the skip outside your house.
hippo, Aug 07 2008

       hah hah, pesky neighbours.
po, Aug 07 2008

       What about a "skip weekends" setting?
phundug, Aug 07 2008

       //What about a "skip weekends" setting?//   

       The alarm on my mobile has this function. Most useful.
jtp, Aug 07 2008

       Love your name. But this idea is solving a nonexisting problem.   

       On my alarm clock I simply push the alarm off button, ah I get it now, sorry, silly me. getting up early from the alarm clock is a rare occurence for me.
zeno, Aug 08 2008

       I thought this was going to be some sort of buzzer that went off when your walk became a little too light-footed.
Cedar Park, Aug 08 2008


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