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Multiple authors

Spread the buns, spread the joy
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Some ideas are collaborations. Some start that way, some grow to be that way. If someone does a great anno on my idea, and I incorporate it into my idea, then the idea is partly theirs, and I want them to get credit.

With this proposed HB change, the person who enters an idea can add additional authors to the author list at the time the idea is entered.

On the idea page, at the lower right, under the idea, all the authors would be listed.

Additional Editing Feature - Any author of record can use the regular edit command to edit the idea or even to add still more authors, after the idea is posted.

Then any idea that I am part-author on would appear on my profile page.

Any idea with multiple authors would show [Multiple] in the author field of a listing page.

robinism, Feb 17 2005

Symbiotic Ideas Symbiotic_20Ideas
Shameless self promotion. [DrBob, Feb 17 2005]

Idees Symbiotique Id_e9es_20Symbiotiques
Less shameless but still self promotion. [DrBob, Feb 17 2005]


       Too structured for my tastes.
bristolz, Feb 17 2005

       Good idea for an editing system in general, a bit much for the halfbakery.
jutta, Feb 17 2005

       What everyone said. It's a good idea, just not for here.
wagster, Feb 17 2005

       ...however an active research area. Look for something like "computer supported cooperative work" on Google.
hippo, Feb 17 2005

       About DrBob's and beauxeault's symbiotic ideas - nice way to subvert the system! If you alternated paragraphs instead of clauses, then you could call it "Modular Ideas", and it would be a good solution to this problem, in cases where the two authors are in email communication.
robinism, Feb 17 2005


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