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There are lots of ideas here about various things which could but probably shouldn't be added to the Halfbakery. Many of these involve Javascript, fancy formatting or silly tools.

In the spirit of putting power in the hands of the user (e.g. the filters system) I propose a single extra field on the profile page titled: Custom footer.

This Custom footer would be output last as part of every single page view made by that user. Users could use the custom footer line to put in handy links that they like, or even embed a javascript application (<script src= "http://www.otherserver.foo /script.js" />).

It is the latter use which is of interest to this idea - a linked javascript file has access to the DOM of the Halfbakery page, so someone who wants to add new tools for themselves can do so entirely client-side.

For example:

Some might like to have all [marked-for-deletion ] tags collected, copied and displayed under the bones as red links to the mentions... possible.

Some might like to implement a feature to hide annotations by users they don't like... possible.

Some might like to scan an annotation for [+] or [-] and colour it green or red appropriately... possible.

Some might like an annotation bank, where they can pick a preprepared annotation from a dropdown below the annotation box, and have it fill itself in... possible.

Some might want a search function underneath the category list to help find the right category... possible.

The key here is that all these things can be added by users without having to bother the site admin or change the experience for anyone else.

vincevincevince, Jan 21 2008

Greasemonkey http://diveintogrea...s-greasemonkey.html
A free online book about what I THINK might be the mentioned Greasemonkey. As I began to read the book, it did a couple of fly-bys right over my head, which were fun to watch. [Amos Kito, Jan 29 2008]


       perhaps a line to ignore ideas from people who regularly come up with ones that you personally consider time-wasting to read
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2008

       [FlyingToaster] - difficult to determine using javascript parsing of the DOM.
vincevincevince, Jan 21 2008

       I have no idea what you said... something about using coffee as a laxative ?....

       ah ok, I reread it a couple times (I'm not up on modern computerspeak)...   

       You can do all that yourself, without involving serverside at all, just make a .html page on your computer that embeds all the apps and that gets the pages from the halfbakery on its own.
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2008

       [FlyingToaster]... unfortunately, you can't due to cross-site-scripting prevention features in all major browsers. You could at one time though! n.b. there must be some user lookup with every page view already as the cookie gets changed to a user ID and displayed on the left.
vincevincevince, Jan 21 2008

       Can't you do all this without help from the site, just by using greasemonkey?
jutta, Jan 29 2008

       //greasemonkey// is a great idea. It has the disadvantage of needing setting up on each machine you use the site on... but it will do for now.
vincevincevince, Jan 29 2008


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