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Multiverse via Consciousness by Consensus

Scifi movie plot
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The hero is a doctor who discovers how to get to the multiverse by opening individual consciousness to the consciousness of chronic diseases. The doctor initiates a "consciousness by consensus" movement: "we are many". The goal is to cure all disease by having people make friends and give over partial control of their bodies to what would have been formerly known as their "diseases".

The doctor discovers that diseases are electromagnetic shadows of people that use viral, fungal and bacterial communities as substrates. They mirror human defense systems to gain access to bodies, and cause pain and death only when they are resisted. The doctor discovers, on LSD, how to have a consciousness powwow with the diseases and cede control.

The doctor discovers that every one has an almost infinite number of "ghosts" or disease soldiers that ride on the platform of infections by viral, fungal, bacterial and other as of yet undiscovered substrates. As the movie develops the ghosts gain more and more individuality, you can see them more, and more personality.

As the plot develops it turns out that the ghosts are shadows from other universes in the multiverse and that it is possible to travel through multiverses by allowing control of consciousness to be fluid.

JesusHChrist, Apr 29 2014


       On traveling through the multiverse to befriend the shadow plaguing his girlfriend Leslle (in the form of IBS), he finds himself in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The origin of the shadow is one Matt Larsen who turns out to be easy to befriend and actually a great guy. He is horrified to find out he is somehow causing problems for this girl but not at all sure how to stop.
bungston, Apr 30 2014

       Someone's been reading too much scientology...
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2014

       This is what happens when one confuses "random" with "profound"
Voice, Apr 30 2014

       One must wear the LSD glasses to watch this movie.
xandram, May 01 2014

       I can't remember where but I read a book or saw a movie where virus' were supposed to be connected distributed thinking entities.   

       I don't see why going along with them helps anyone except them. I've never had LSD, but it sounds like the virus' are multidimensional with the virus being just the part that intersects our dimension. I still don't get how they would see us as anything but virus' and maybe communicating with them would draw their full interest so they would kill us off.   

       In that theme the doctor may end up like the scientist on Flash Gordon, who divined the working of the universe and doomed the planet. I'll withhold judgement in lieu of understanding but I can't say this is giving me a good feeling.
MisterQED, May 01 2014

       //Multiverse via Consciousness by Consensus// Please no - I hate long poems.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2016

       Well, at least it's not in other:general.
normzone, May 01 2016


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