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Mum in TomTom

mother gives directions
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What birthday present to offer your sibling "who has it all"?

Your mother's voice patched in his/her car navigation system.

Costs nothing to make, just take your parents out for a drive and let your mother read the directions from a map. Record the conversations from the back seat and choose the most hilarious phrases. Next you need cooperation from your sibling's partner for a cover to get access to the car navigation system software unnoticed.

When you give the present you just hand over an envelope with a destination which is difficult to find. Make sure to bring a camcorder when you all 'go get the present'. It is not the destination that counts, it is what happens along the way... (The DVD of that ride is a present for your mom's birthday).

I look forward to the comments!

rrr, Oct 16 2006

RElated video on YouTube http://www.youtube....ch?v=vhSA740F6HI&NR
Artificial voice? for GPS [csea, Oct 18 2006]

Mr T, Burt Reynolds, and soon, YOUR mum! http://blog.scifi.c...r_t_burt_reyno.html
[zen_tom, Oct 19 2006]

Navtones.com sells the Tomtom voices http://www.navtones.../viewforum.php?f=1&
there is a 'wanted voices' forum called 'Your voice', but nothing about how to make your own custom voice, apparently it needs to be hacked still [rrr, Oct 19 2006]

Dynastic Dashboard Display Dynastic_20Dashboard_20Display
Similar. [DrBob, Oct 19 2006]


       "No. Not that way!"
Jinbish, Oct 16 2006

       "You're not going to see her again, are you?"
land, Oct 17 2006

       "Other Left!"
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 17 2006

       "You call that a stop?"   

       "Turn that noise down! How can you even think with that noise going? "   

       " Your cousin Margaret is going to Princeton. You could be going to Princeton if you buckled down and put your mind to it."
dentworth, Oct 17 2006

       Or overdub the voice of a friend in the trunk? [link]
csea, Oct 18 2006

       "So I think I'm going to knock out the back wall and build a greenhouse. Just think how much the grandkids will love it and . . . oh, oh, oh, you were supposed to turn there."
Twenty Dollar Duck, Oct 18 2006

       I want one with the voice of Kitt from "Knightrider". It would keep calling me Michael, and upon arriving at my destination, would play the theme tune.
jtp, Oct 19 2006

       [jtp] inspired - I don't know if it's been done already, but there would certainly be a market for the sculpted tones of William Daniels coming out of your GPS.
zen_tom, Oct 19 2006


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