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SatNav Says

Simon Says, but with SatNav
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Nowadays people tend to blindly follow their SatNav instructions even into rivers or off of cliffs.

Basically they are not paying attention to where they are. Also because they follow the directions their SatNav spits out at them they miss out on all those intersting little diversions they would find if they tried to follow a map.

So the SatNav is modified to include a SatNav Says mode, where it prefixes all correct directions by "SatNav Says", and occaisionally gives incorrect instructions (not prefixed by "SatNav Says").

You could modify the idea by having penlties for following "bad" instructions.

Penalties could include a "you're on your own for five minutes" if you get three wrong in a row, or directing people to places like Slough.

chrisg67, Nov 07 2006


       I didn't realise my proximity to the lamppost when satnav said put my hands on my head, officer... [+]
Fishrat, Nov 07 2006

       //I'm just browsing the net, about that interesting place we just went past. Wow. Can we pop in?//
Dub, Nov 07 2006

       "What are you doing, Dave? I can't let you do that. SatNav says put the screwdriver down, Dave."
wylie_coyote, Nov 07 2006


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