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Municipal Crosswalk Corpse Bin

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I was at a pedestrian crosswalk and despite the presence of signage that indicated that Traffic should Yield for Pedestrians, traffic did not yield.

In some places waiting for a crosswalk light to change after you press the button takes forever.

So the plan is to place a bin of corpse like inflatable or rubber human sized dolls in a bin. If you find yourself waiting too long for the light to change or for traffic to yield. Make way by grabbing an available corpse, heave it into the path of traffic and then cross safely once traffic has come to a complete stop.

vfrackis, Sep 28 2009


       Spokane is a rough town. Try and stay safe there man.
vfrackis, Sep 28 2009

       I thought this was somewhat funny.
DrWorm, Sep 28 2009

       I never said I thought it was good idea. Note that I haven't bunned or boned the idea (yet).
DrWorm, Sep 28 2009

       I have given this a bun merely for provoking 21Q. The idea itself has some merit; however the dummies would be quickly stolen by drunk undergraduates. Whole lecture theatres would be filled with them during the 8am lecture.
vincevincevince, Sep 29 2009

       There should be a 21Q Provocation Category   

       Also from an overpass is different its malicious, mean spirited and stupid from a crosswalk on the other hand is altruistic.
vfrackis, Sep 29 2009

       How about simply holding the doll in front of you on a short stick while crossing? If a car driver hits it while he should yield, its legally equal to causing an accident, yet nobody gets hurt.   

       Simply chucking the doll onto the street is prone to cause harmful accidents that would not have happened had a flesh-and blood human crossed the street at pedestrian velocities.
loonquawl, Sep 29 2009

       LQ - I like that, how the device is deployed is entirely up to the pedestrian.
vfrackis, Sep 29 2009

       I bun this mostly for the fun of reading [21Q]'s outrage.
//if you did something like this in Spokane you'd get run over or shot.//
Hmm, somewhere you can get mortally wounded for crossing the road. Spokane sounds like a shit-hole.
coprocephalous, Sep 29 2009

       In the Republic of Ireland, the inhabitants simply push (occupied) baby buggies into the path of oncoming traffic, and expect it to stop.......   

8th of 7, Sep 29 2009

       In England we use old ladies and people in wheelchairs for the same purpose.

Fishbone for the idea though. This is littering and hence illegal!

I would have voted for if you replace the fake corpses with huge swinging axe blades that are activated whenever the lights change. In 'walk' mode, the axes swing parallel to the road and in 'don't walk' mode, they swing parallel to the pavement.
DrBob, Sep 29 2009

       If that's what you want, why not have half-barrier pedestrian crossings ?
8th of 7, Sep 29 2009

       But no-one would stop for that ....   

       Ooh, what a good idea !
8th of 7, Sep 29 2009


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