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sonar VR for zero visibility scuba dives
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A Plane goes into the sea off kapiti Is , New Zealand . The flight recorders need to be recovered but weather has made the ocean bottom impossible so the international rescue call goes out . A team in Spain have a working prototype to test and Jettrans, a x-military 2 seater fighter jet, is used to transfer a technician and gear to new zealand . The technician has brought cables , software and underwater RF gear which in conjunction with worldwide available computers builds the New VR sonar .

The outline for the system in the dive tender goes as follows Three standard fish finders form a net sensor which via interface cables connect to a PC . This machine processes and packages the data off to a standard gaming machine . (propriatory secret information has been kindly donated for this worthy cause) The gaming machine processes the 3D maths and produces a 2D screen bitmap which is sent to the last machine for 2 channel underwater tranmission . Two pdas (one for each eye) siliconed to a dive mask receive the Rf via dedicated receivers . The pdas are programmed simply buffer data to display because all calculations have been done . The Diver wears two hollow spheres on his head as a sonar vector for the enviroment .

Thankfully the test goes well the diver has a visual representation of the wreckage and the recorders are retrieved catching problems with similar aircraft . The successful technician transmitted the experiment data of the trial to his eagly awaiting team , who were happy with the results .

More enhancements to MurkSee may include more sonor detail , depth, time data and see-thru pdas so VR data is additive to vision . If computers and equipement can be boarded and shrunk then the diver may carry around MurkSee and therefore be boat independent .

wjt, Oct 11 2003

"Navy agrees to limit sonar systems" http://www.signonsa...7-whales-sonar.html
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]


       Love the 'PDA's siliconed to a dive mask.' Very 'Red Green meets Jaques Cousteau.' Missing the duct tape, though.   

       Trying to decide if you were shooting for a story with this, or not. If you were, it's pretty awkward yet.
RayfordSteele, Oct 11 2003

       half-Synopsis: High resolution 3D sonar imaging device made with off the shelf consumer grade parts. ?.   

       Dunno if it'd work. For all I know it might be total nonsense, but I like the synthesis and the cheap factor.   

       Those PDA's seem a bit close to the diver's eyes to be viewed easily.
half, Oct 11 2003

       Your arms are too long.
half, Oct 11 2003

       Keep your marmots and prairie chickens away from that eagly awaiting team!
bungston, Oct 11 2003

       I hate when a perfectly rational stepping stone logic path is shot down by one glaringly obvious painted polystrene rock that there is no way in hell you want to jump on .   

       A diver would get tied holding up his arm ,to see the VR , continuously throughout a dive .   

       Maybe a box structure could distance the Pdas from the divers mask allowing a respectable veiwing distance .
wjt, Oct 12 2003

       The hollow spheres will show up well on the sonar devices, giving an accurate position for the diver. erm...at least thats what I think they're for...   

       Dive depth would be limited by the crush depth of the spheres. Would the oxygen tank not show up quite well anyway?
suctionpad, Oct 13 2003

       Yes , Two spheres ( metal ? )one slightly bigger on head to show system head direction therefore change VR drawing . Tank no good because diver may be looking in wrong direction .
wjt, Oct 13 2003

       The ocean floor remains either pretty calm or as quite as a tomb depending on the depth. The weather above doesn't affect it except in v. shallow water. However, you could maybe sell this to those bog-snorkeling maniacs.
squeak, Oct 13 2003

       So the recovery divers on a network news item saying that they could only see the distance to their dive watches were telling porkies .
wjt, Oct 13 2003

       OK. How deep are you talking about? Are these human divers or deep sea subs? If you're only talking about relatively shallow water, I'll hush my mouth.
squeak, Oct 13 2003

       Ah! Just detected "eyes" and "head" amongst scary technical words. Human then. Shallow water then. I'll shut up then.
squeak, Oct 13 2003

       [skipper] Thankyou , Idea sunk , not realistic with current sonar , diver interaction . No way around that one is there .
wjt, Oct 14 2003

       True , if , what is that word again, cetacean's have sonar that doesn't effect the enviroment , maybe the idea can refloat .
wjt, Oct 14 2003


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